Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's the simple things in life that make me the happiest

Sunday evening we decided to get out of our house for a little bit... so we went to the park, fed the ducks, & enjoyed the beauty of some of God's creations. There were so many things I appreciated while we were there- the variations of birds/animals, the beauty of the setting sun, the joy I felt watching our children- their innocence & desire to learn, & the companionship of Anthon.

The boys had a lot of fun feeding the ducks while Anthon &  I had a lot of fun watching them
He makes me so happy! Everything wonderful about my life involves him!
  Here's a little thought that I really liked from Elder James E. Faust that we learned in our Marriage & Family class at church:
"One of the less obvious but more significant reasons for divorce is the lack of a constant enrichment in marriage, … an absence of that something extra which makes it precious, special, and wonderful, when it is also drudgery, difficult, and dull. In the enriching of marriage the big things are the little things. It is a constant appreciation for each other and a thoughtful demonstration of gratitude. It is the encouraging and the helping of each other to grow.
Marriage is a joint quest for the good, the beautiful, and the divine”
Click HERE to read the rest of the lesson
I never realized how important the little things were until I heard that quote, or noticed how often I was on the recieving end of them. Anthon is always trying to do "something extra" to encourage me or let me know he loves/appreciates me. Whether it be the little love not left in an unexpected place, the shoulder/ neck massage given without being asked, the text message that just says "I thinking of you & I love you", the extra effort made to ensure we have family prayers morning & night, or just reaching over to hold my hand when we're driving somewhere. I KNOW how lucky I am to be his partner!! I love that we truly have a partnership, too! We work together on everything- work, cleaning our house, cooking meals, the kids, homework, church callings-I love that I can ask for his help with ANYTHING & know that he'll be there for me!
To me, our dull, every-day, messy, hectic life is my fairytale happy ending (but the best part is, I know there really is no end to our fairytale)!