Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What's New??

So, It's been a while since I posted so I figured I'd give a little update on what's new with us...

1) Thanksgiving was fun! We spent it with Anthon's side this year... We spent most of the day at Jason's house just visiting & eating ourselves SICK!! Then, that night we picked up my nephew Colton (who LOVES Anthon). He stayed the night at our house & I stayed the night at my sister Trudy's house; for 2 reasons: 1. So I didn't have to be around Anthon & Colton being obnoxious & 2. So I could get up at 3AM & hit all the Black Friday sales!! It was great fun & I am completely done Christmas shopping, which feels even better!!

2)School is almost out :)!!! I have my lab final next week & my lecture final the following Monday... Which means I get to do all the fun stuff this week; dissecting a brain, an eye ball, & observing a cadaver!! Wish me luck :).

3) Unfortunately, not all our news is good news... Anthon got a letter last week telling him that he's been disqualified from the DPS hiring process (We think it's because of his sugars/not passing the medical test, but they haven't gotten back to us to let us know for sure). So, that means he's unable to re-apply for 2 years... Yeah he's bummed!! So, please pray for him, that he'll figure out what he's suppose to do & feel better about himself!

4)Last, but not least, our computer was taken over by an evil virus, so we've been without for about 2 weeks now- which explains my lapsing in posting (& lack of pictures)! However, my brother-in-laws brother (if that makes any sense) is our HERO & is fixing it for us (& saving all the pictures I had stored on that thing- basically every picture we've taken since we've been married)!! So, we're really grateful that he's taking the time to help us out!!!

Well, that's about all that is new with us... check back for future
updates :)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I've been tagged (prepare yourself, it's long!)

50 random things about ME!!

50. My full name is:
Ashleigh Anne Perkins (use to be Gills)
49.I was born:
March 13, 1984

48.My eye color is:

47.My height is:
46. My shoe size is:
9-10 depending on the shoe
45. My ring size is:
7&3/4...in case any of you were thinking of buying me jewelery ;)
44. My best feature is:
My eyes :D
43. My worst feature:
My teeth- They're all jacked up!
42. My favorite hobbies are:
Decorating my house, making cards/scrap booking, taking pictures, & traveling!!
41.I am allergic to:
Stupid people
40. I am annoyed by:
People smoking around me!!!
39. Last book I read:
My anatomy text book... yay
38. My bed is:
GAY!! I need a KING & a harder mattress!!!
37: One thing I hate about myself:
My toes- I have monkey feet
36. My favorite holidays are:
Halloween & Christmas
35. Do you have any siblings?:
Do I ever! 7 brothers & 6 sisters
34. Curly or Straight hair:
Depends on the day- if I have time to do it- straight, if not curly
33. The last movie I saw was:
32. Something I always miss when I leave home is:
seeing the stars & smelling the mountain air :)
31. Today:
Work and School- story of my life
30. Next Summer:
Hopefully will be on a cruise!
29. Next Weekend:
Shannon's baby shower & Lily's birthday party!
28. People call me:
Ashleigh, that's my name :)...
well, Anthon calls me Ash-hole (not very nice, I know)
27. The most difficult thing to do is:
Smile at rude customers!
26. Ever gotten a speeding ticket:
A couple, but not within the past 3 years
25. Zodiac sign:
24. The one person who I can't hide things from:
Anthon! He reads me like a book :)
23. What is your dream job?
A stay at home mom!!!
22. First real job?
21. I have these pets:
Gunnar (great dane), Fiona (fluffy kitty), Zoey & Tarzie (lizards)
20. The worst sound in the world:
Chewing a banana- They're yummy but the sound is gross
19. Best sound in the world:
Sydney's laugh & beautiful music
18. Do you like video games?
Not a fan, no.
17. Florida or Hawaii:
Hawaii!! Duh
16. My favorite piece of clothing:
My 7 Jeans that make my butt look smaller
15. Last time I cried:
14. My friends are:
Freaking awesome! They're my family :)
13. My computer is:
A PIECE OF CRAP!!! Full of viruses!!
12. Last person I got mad at was:
Anthon (actually, Gunnar but he doesn't count)
11. The best movie ever:
Hitch/ Can't Hardly Wait
10. The all-time best feeling in the world is:
JOY!! That's why we have the expression "sheer joy!"
9. I lose all respect for people who:
Lie, cheat, steal, or are abusive
8. The last movie I cried at was:
Titanic??? (Not a big crier)
7. TV channels I watch:
I LOVE Bravo, E!, & HGTV
6. Favorite web sites:
Yahoo, Blogspot, & Chase
5. My favorite word is:
"Fantastic!!" although I never use it - I like hearing it though :)
4. My room is:
Usually messy, but I & clean it every Thursday :D
3. My favorite celebrity is:
Rich Franklin (UFC fighter) YUM!
2. My weakness is:
Chocolate with almonds ANYTHING!
1. One thing that makes me feel great is..
Accomplishing a goal!

WHEW!!! It's over! Now I tag Gwen, Alishia, & Bailey!! Feel free to pick & choose which ones you answer to shorten it up, if you want to :)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Waiting, waiting, & more waiting!

Well, Anthon took his polygraph test last week, but we still haven't hear back whether or not he passed it... I guess they don't get back to him until he completes all three steps in the 2nd phase. He's taking the psych evaluation today (he started @ 8am & it'll probably go till 3 or 4pm), & he's having the Dr. evaluation tomorrow. Hopefully, all is well- I'm not particularly nervous about any of the steps (like worried that he won't pass), but I think I've just trained myself after all this time to stress out anytime he does a test for DPS :D! I'll keep you posted if I hear anything...

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, & I LOVE to dress up for it!!So, I just thought I'd post some fun shots of the fun we had!!