Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pre-Halloween weekend... picture overload!!

Our ward had a Halloween party Friday night, so we all got dressed up & enjoyed the nice weather, yummy food, & good company! Roman wanted to dress up as Woody this year, so we decided to go with a Toy Story theme.

Naturally, Sterling had to be Woody's counterpart!

He LOVES the costumes- which makes it all the more fun!

Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head
I'm sad I didn't get a good picture of the 2 of us together, but I'll try again tomorrow! This costume is probably the hottest, most ridiculous, & unflattering costume I could have chosen for myself, but I love a good theme... & it was a hit, none-the-less!
I look really tired, don't I?
If you don't know why I'm so tired, you obviously didn't read my last post.
Anthon looked great in his costume... Hot, even!
Am I sick or what?!

I finished all my assignments Saturday afternoon once I got off work (& got A's on both my quizzes, I thank you!) so we decided to use a Groupon I bought for DeWitt Stables. It was SO much fun!! The weather was perfect, we went in the evening so most of the people were leaving, & they had so many fun things! They had a bouncy house, barrel train rides, petting zoo, hay maze, hay rides to the pumpkin patch, tons of little kid games, photo ops, &  Roman's favorite, by far... pony rides!
 & this is what pure joy looks like! This was his 1st time on a horse & I'm so glad Anthon captured it!!

He loved every minute of it!

His little guide was so sweet & let Roman use his hat for a "Wee-Haw!" 

The sunset was so pretty! ...even though Anthon's got the creeper vibe going on in this picture

The petting zoo was another big hit! They had all kinds of farm animals: rabbits, chickens, ducks, turkeys, a puppy, goats, sheep, & a pig.

Roman loved this chicken! Probably because it was the only one he could pick up & hols on his own :)

Here we are on the hay ride to the pumpkin patch

I LOVE how this picture turned out! The scarecrow, Roman's face with his pumpkin, Sterling's expression, the dust in the air... it's all great!!

After the stables, we hit up Bahama Bucks- another 1st for Roman. It was a success, as well!

It was a regular Sunday: church, naps, lots of family time, & a nice dinner... but with the 1st week of my new INSANE schedule down, I'm finding a new, greater appreciation for our sabbath- a day of rest! We had our Relief Society Extravaganza (use to be super Saturday) last weekend, & a lady taught a class on cutting boys hair... I LOVED it  and was anxious to put my new skills to use! What cha think??
Not that big of a difference, but it still makes him look older to me!
I love me a freshly, clean cut little boy!

I must have been in a fall colored kind of mood today cause we all ended up wearing some form of brown/orange

& this was the cherry on top of my fantastic weekend... watching my darling boys play with their adorable daddy!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

my life for the next 8 weeks...

MCC is offering a concurrent enrollment (with ASU) nursing program starting next fall and in order to apply I needed 2 more classes that ASU requires. If I do the concurrent enrollment program, I can earn my bachelors degree instead of just an associates that I'd get from just doing MCC's nursing program. So, I'm taking 2 regular courses-Pathophysiology & college algebra- & cramming them into 8 weeks in order to reach the application deadline. It's day 4 of my 8 weeks & I feel exactly how my desk looks...
I'm at this desk ALL THE TIME! It's the 1st place I go when I wake up- I eat here, feed Sterling here,  usually fall asleep here, & everything in between!
 Overwhelmed & disorganized only begin to describe how I'm feeling! If you think my desk is bad, you should see the rest of my house! It's driving me CRAZY, but I barely have the time to keep up with my courses much less pick up after my messy boys.
Speaking of which, I was worried if I'd be able to get anything done being at home with Roman & Sterling, but thankfully keeping them entertained has been the least of my worries! Sterling makes a great study buddy & is content as long as he's hanging out near me.
His cuddles help keep me sane!
 Roman loves that I'm not hovering over him all the time & has found some wonderfully fun things to do while I'm distracted with school.

That's waterproof mascera, ladies & gentlemen!

December 17th is the end date for both my classes, so that will be the mark I'm focused on for the next 8 weeks! I know it will be worth it in the end, but I just hope I can see the mark through the disaster that is my life right now & focus on it!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Best

 I love dressing my boys normally, but there's something about getting them dressed on Sunday that I especially enjoy! Maybe it's the crisp clean shirts, the ties (the only accessory I can use!), or just the fancier style, but I love them in their church clothes!


Isn't he handsome?!

Gotta show off my cute new dress too ;)
What a little stud, huh?!

PS-  Remember THIS post about Roman's song? Well, I still sing it to Roman & wanted a song I could personalize for Sterling. I sang the "Mother Dear" song with Sterling's name once, but Roman looked at me like I was betraying him, so I decided I should find Sterling his own song! It just so happened that one of my favorite baby songs, "Baby Mine" by Allison Krouse (or the old school version on Dumbo) fits perfectly! Anytime I sing it to him & the lyrics are suppose to say "Baby mine" I replace it with "Sterling boy" (which is a nickname we call him a lot). Anyway, maybe I'm weird but I like having special lullaby's for my boys!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Staycation- a lot of pictures from doing a lot of nothing

 I had a week off from work & it was lovely! No, we didn't do anything really fun or exciting, but it was nice to spend some much needed time at home! I did take quite a few pictures (which was a goal of mine... I noticed I'd been slacking a lot lately, especially taking pictures of Sterling- the kid's growing up too fast!), so here are some of the pictures I took from me Staycation: 

Chapter 1- At home
 where we spent most of my week off

I did a LOT of cleaning, & this was taken on the day I was washing all the bedding so please ignore the bare mattress (we're really not that white trash),  but I LOVE when they nap together!

Roman is obsessed with cars, so we spent a lot of time playing with them... he was particularly proud of this line up he did!
Sterling started sitting up on his own, & I was glad I had my photo taking resolution fresh in my mind so that I'd be sure to document it!
 These 2 were playing so cute together that I wanted to get a picture of them together, but this is what I got...

 Roman smiling, Sterling looking away.
Then Sterling smiling and Roman looking away.

And finally, both of them looking at me like I'm retarded. Gotta love it!
PS- I love that they look like brother's in this picture!

This is what my kitchen looks like most nights while I'm making dinner- Roman "helping" (but really just making a mess) and Sterling chewing on every cooking utensil in my jar.

But I wouldn't change any of it! I love when they hang out with me while I cook!

& who cares if I have to wash every spoon, EVERY night?! He's having a good time :)

Chapter 2- Outside
The one fun thing we did do was go to the zoo. Anthon only had a couple jobs since it was a down day, so he got to come too- YAY!

This was our first time seeing the orangutan exhibit, and it was a big hit, UNTIL....

Lovely, right?! & there wasn't a tight seal on the glass, so it started to run out on our side of the glass. Needless to say, we didn't hang out there much longer. Nasty primate!

This was the week before the lovely, cool weather hit, so it was pretty toasty! It was still fun to be outside together though... & we did hit up the splash pad, too.

I LOVE this picture!! Such handsome boys!

 PS- One other thing I did while on vacation was find a new home for our dog, Gunner. Anthon was kinda sad about it, but honestly we never played with the poor thing & Roman has literally been crying to go outside & play (but he couldn't with that GIANT dog back there). So, it's better for everyone! Gunner's with someone that has the time to play with him and Roman is able to go outside & play  (which he has, for several hours, every morning)!

 Chapter 3- Things of the Spirit
This week off of work really came about because I had 2 important events on consecutive Saturday's. Since I was taking 2 Saturday's off in a row, and I had a week of remaining vacation & no where else to put it, I just squished it between the 2 Saturday's.
The Saturday starting off my vacation was my brother Peter & his wife Kelly's sealing.

 It was beautiful & I'm so happy for them! They are 2 of my favorite people & I love them both dearly!
The Saturday ending my vacation was General Conference. This was the first year in a long time that I was able to watch all the sessions. I usually work on Saturday's & miss the morning and part of the afternoon session because of that. Last April I decided I wasn't going to miss any of the sessions any more, & I'm so glad I didn't!

Roman did really well with all 4 sessions... & the little printable coloring books helped a lot

LOVE this picture, too!! Such sweet guys!
I'm so thankful for a living prophet & the chance we had to listen to him & his apostles!

& that's the end of my "Staycation"... I can't wait til my next one!