Thursday, October 27, 2011

my life for the next 8 weeks...

MCC is offering a concurrent enrollment (with ASU) nursing program starting next fall and in order to apply I needed 2 more classes that ASU requires. If I do the concurrent enrollment program, I can earn my bachelors degree instead of just an associates that I'd get from just doing MCC's nursing program. So, I'm taking 2 regular courses-Pathophysiology & college algebra- & cramming them into 8 weeks in order to reach the application deadline. It's day 4 of my 8 weeks & I feel exactly how my desk looks...
I'm at this desk ALL THE TIME! It's the 1st place I go when I wake up- I eat here, feed Sterling here,  usually fall asleep here, & everything in between!
 Overwhelmed & disorganized only begin to describe how I'm feeling! If you think my desk is bad, you should see the rest of my house! It's driving me CRAZY, but I barely have the time to keep up with my courses much less pick up after my messy boys.
Speaking of which, I was worried if I'd be able to get anything done being at home with Roman & Sterling, but thankfully keeping them entertained has been the least of my worries! Sterling makes a great study buddy & is content as long as he's hanging out near me.
His cuddles help keep me sane!
 Roman loves that I'm not hovering over him all the time & has found some wonderfully fun things to do while I'm distracted with school.

That's waterproof mascera, ladies & gentlemen!

December 17th is the end date for both my classes, so that will be the mark I'm focused on for the next 8 weeks! I know it will be worth it in the end, but I just hope I can see the mark through the disaster that is my life right now & focus on it!


Jerry and Charlsye Miller said...

good luck! School with two little ones is rough but definitely worth it when you get your degree!

Aleia said...

thats awesome!