Thursday, August 19, 2010

18 month post... a month & a 1/2 late :)

Roman had his 18 month check up last week (when he was 19 months old- thanks to my crazy work schedule). The check up went really well- he measured 75% for height, 50% for weight, & 95% for head circumference- so he's staying on the same growth curve he's been on.

Roman has been a lot of fun lately (VERY busy & mischievous at times, but still fun)! He jabbers non-stop & is really good at communicating with us! He'll retrieve items for us (like, if we ask him to go get a diaper & the wipes, or to bring me his shoes) and he's a big clean up helper when he chooses to be :). He says a ton of words, but the ones we hear most often are "More", "Please", "Let's go", "Thank you", "Juice", "Hello", & "NO (followed by mom or dad)!"- my pesonal favorite :). He loves CapriSun & Otter Pops, playing in dirt, brushing his teeth, cars or any kind of push toy, & the "Friend's" theme song. He does not like sitting in his car seat, having his diaper changed, or the baby gate that prevents him from wandering the house at night.

When we first moved him to a twin bed, he did wonderful, but then we went on some trips & screwed it all up!! When we got home from our trips, he kept getting out of his bed, wandering around the house, & eventually ending up in our bed! So, we started putting up this gate to keep him in his room at night- this is what we woke up to the first few mornings! He does a LOT better now, but still isn't a fan of us leaving his room after we have fmily prayer, but we're working on it :).

Despite that, Roman is our greatest joy! He makes us laugh with his cleverness and melts our hearts with his sincere sweetness!