Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I ♥ this boy!!

He's 16 weeks today (WHERE does the time go??) & is showing us a lot more of his personality... I LOVE IT!! For instance, His tongue is constantly hanging out of his mouth- it's so funny looking because he never use to stick it out at all! I'm really enjoying spending my days with him- some days Anthon will come home & ask suspiciously, "What did you do today??" (since the messes all over the house will look the exact same since he left for work that morning). I always reply, "Played with Roman :D!" Being his mother is SO much better than I ever imagined it could be- He IS my happy place, & I thank the Lord daily He's given us the chance to have Roman in our life!! No one quite says it like the song from Baby Signing Time; I sing it to him all the time!! One of the verses says: "Exactly what I wanted, exactly who you are! I know we'll work together & we can reach the stars. Families stick together & family lasts forever; Forever, that's how long I'll love you! You are very special to me, & I am very special to you! I know this is where I am meant to be- I'm glad that my baby is you!"

Ahh- I ♥ him!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter- Better late than never, right?

Yeah, it was a week ago, but I figured I'd post about it anyway. Our Easter was nice- we don't really focus on the commercial side of this holiday too much. I figured we'd just have a small family Easter basket, but Roman's too little for candy & Anthon's diabetic... so we went without the basket :). We spent the morning going to another ward to hear Peter's girlfriend, Holly, speak (which was GREAT- She's awesome!) & then just went to my mom's for dinner. It was low key, but nice!

I tried to take pictures of Roman in his Easter outfit last week, but wouldn't you know it... the camera was dead & we weren't about to drive home to charge it! Anyway, since we went to a different ward on Easter, I figured I'd have him sport the outfit to church again today & took some pictures after we got home. This picture cracked me up- doesn't he look like he's so deep in thought??

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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Happy Birthday Sydney!!

3 years ago today my best buddy Sydney Anne was born!! I'm sad I can't be there with her for her big day, but they'll be here next month :D! Syd, I love you SO very much & have had so much fun watching you grow! I hope your birthday is a lot of fun!!

I love you Sydney Bug!! Love, Nash

Spring has sprung.... & is gone!

Anthon had yesterday off so we decided to go for a hike at the Usery Mountain Recreational Park just north of or house. We hiked the Wind Cave trail that was just over 3 miles. It was great to get out & spend the day together, but it was WARM! I always kick myself because I wait until the cool season is pretty much over before I get the hiking bug in my system. Roman did great- just chewed on the carrier & slept! I was terrified that he would get sunburned, so I was caking the sunblock on him like every 10 minutes... It worked! But in worrying about Roman getting burned, I neglected myself & I got the burn (better me than Roman, though)! We're hoping to go back & hike the Pass Mountain trail that's a 7 mile loop around Usery Mountain the next weekend Anthon has off (if it's not 100ยบ by then)! Anybody want to join us :D??


I tried to get a picture of Hinkley & Roman together while I was watching them last week, but this is what ended up happening (click on the pictures to enlarge them- they're hilarious!):
Roman Screamed

Then, Hinkley Screamed

Roman Smiled

Then Hinkley smiled

Oh well, I tried!

Monday, April 6, 2009

3 months old :D

3 months have FLOWN by! I absolutely love this stage- Roman's chatting with us all day long, laughing at us like we're the funniest people ever, and smiling constantly! I can't get enough of him! Here are some of the new & exciting things going on in Roman's life:
1) He sucks on the knuckle of his index finger while his hand is in a fist (& consequently drools like there's no tomorrow).2) He LOVES his bouncer chair (specifically, the monkey & frog on it)!3) He got to go on his first picnic since the weather has been so perfect!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Conflicting Emotions

The day I've been dreading has come & gone- today was my 1st day back to work, & I survived. I'm not sure how to describe how I felt today- conflicted seems to fit. I realized this morning that I have been TRULY HAPPY these past 3 months (completely content with my life), but this morning I felt sad- It was like I was experiencing that emotion for the 1st time again. What an awful feeling sadness is!! I'm not going to lie- there were tears (many, many tears) as I dropped my baby off, but I'm VERY grateful my sweet sister-in-law is able to watch him for me. With all the horror stories you hear of daycare, I'm glad I have someone I COMPLETELY trust to tend my baby (THANKS SHERRY!!). I've been trying to NOT have a pity-party for myself, but it's been hard! I've always thought I would pay my dues & work my butt off until I was lucky enough to have a baby, then I could stay home & just be a mommy. Yeah, I had the PERFECT fairytale picture painted in my head of how it would be- but that's the reality of it; it's just a fairytale (for me, for now anyway).
I really need to remember that there are a lot of people suffering now-a-days (we're in a recession, you know) & I need be grateful that I even have a job that can provide insurance for our family (it's no secret, insurance is the only reason why I'm there)! I guess this is why we have these "learning experiences", so we learn to appreciate things we would normally dread (like work). I know the Lord knows my hearts desire & will bless me in His time (if I'm faithful, that is). So, this is me committing to try & learn as much as I can from this experience. I can do this .... can't I??