Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sterling's Blessing

We'll be blessing Sterling this fast Sunday, Aug. 7th at 9:00AM at our new ward building. The address is 10036 E. Brown Rd. Mesa 85207(North East corner of Brown & Crismon). I'm teaching that Sunday, so we'll have a luncheon after church is over at 12:30pm- Gotta gimme a couple minutes to get the food organized ;)- at our home: 632 N. 99th St. Mesa, AZ 85207 . Feel free to join us... just leave me a comment here (or under the "event" page on Facebook) saying how many people you're bringing so I know how much food to prepare.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Last trip of the summer...

We spent the last 5 days in Rocky Point. It was heaven! We did nothing. Absolutely nothing but spend time together on the beach... like I said before, heaven!

Now it's time to get back to reality. Which means back to work for me & back to school for Anthon... (sigh) Goodbye ocean- and freedom- till next year!

PS- blogger was being lame (as usual ) when I tried to upload pictures, so if you wanna see all the photos from our trip check out my album on Facebook by clicking HERE

Thursday, July 14, 2011

10 Weeks & other fun things

Sterling will be 10 weeks tomorrow & is just as sweet as ever! We took him for his 2 month check up this past week and his Dr. said he's growing beautifully. He weighed 11.8 lbs & was 23.5 in. long which put his in the 50% for weight & 75% for height. He got the 2 month round of immunizations & was NOT a happy camper. I don't remember Roman having as had of a time with shots,but Sterling was grouchy for almost 3 days after the shots. He had a fever for 2 days and just cried all the time...the kid never cries normally, so I know he was feeling miserable! <--- I took this picture that afternoon & his expression resembles pretty much how his personality was :) Poor baby!I was worried for a minute that he'd never trust us again & he'd have a permanent scowl! But thankfully, he's acting like he feels better now & i actually smiling again! This picture is a more accurate representation of what is personality is normally like ... So sweet!! I love him!

Other fun things we've been up to.... Roman did swimming lessons for a few weeks & LOVED it! I've tried teaching him before & it goes great until I want him to do something he doesn't want to do & then we just hit a wall, so having someone else work with him on those things were very beneficial!Swimming always tuckers him out, & naps are fun for mom :)We went up to Show Low the past 2 weekends & while we were up there I set up the camera with the auto timer & snapped a family picture... turned out pretty cute, no??

Last, but not least, we finally found a car!! It's a 2005 Toyota Sienna... Yes, I'm totally rocking the minivan. Honestly though, I really like it!It's so convenient & has any feature I could ask for, plus more! I'm SO glad that the car shopping phase is over- it really was exhausting/ frustrating/ annoying - & we're in something that will function for our family!