Monday, February 14, 2011

Shout-Out to Anthon

See that guy right there?? The one enjoying a special Valentine's Dinner made just for him?? Well, I've been feeling especially proud of this guy lately, so I decided to dedicate an entire post to him! Why am I so proud? Let me tell you some of the reasons:
1- He's conquering his school & work- both FULL time- like a champion! He works all day, goes to school all night, & is still the fun loving, light hearted, playful man I've always known! He's not just handling all the extra stress well, he's excelling- he got straight A's last semester & is on the same track this semester & he's one of the best employees at work (he wins every competition they have)... I guess OCD does come in handy sometimes ;)! But seriously, to me, that's a really big accomplishment !
2- He had his quarterly diabetes check up today & his A1C (a test that shows what his average blood sugar levels are over an extended time period) was the lowest it's been since he was diagnosed- it was 7.3, the lowest it's been in 14 YEARS (it's usually been around a 9 or 10)!!! & his endocrinologist is now trying to get him approved for an insulin pump... if all goes well, he could be shot FREE in the next week or 2!!! This is a MAJOR step for him, & I'm SO proud!!
3- He remembers what's most important in life and prioritizes accordingly. He's busier than he's ever been in all the years we've been together (with work, school, church callings, helping coach wrestling, and taking the time to take care of himself) yet I don't really feel like Roman & I are deprived of quality time with him. He always takes time to play with Roman, to help me around the house, to show up at Dr. appointments for me & Roman, or just to do little things like hug us & tell us he loves us. I don't know how he balances everything so perfectly, but I'm grateful he does!
Anthon, I love you!! Congrats on all you're accomplishing, babe!

Friday, February 11, 2011

3rd Trimester Check Up

I had my 3rd trimester checkup today... even though "technically" I won't be in my 3rd trimester for another week. I gained another pound this past month, and my belly is definitely bigger than last month! Oh well, I can find comfort in knowing I'm only going to get bigger over the next 3 months! Anyway, things are pretty much the same as they were at the last checkup with our little guy... he's still measuring over a week ahead. They guessed from the ultrasound today that he weighed 3 lbs (which is what babies usually weigh around 29 or 30 weeks). But everything else looked perfect :). When I had my 3rd trimester ultrasound with Roman, his head was down so far that we couldn't even get a glimpse of his face, so it was a real treat to be able to peak at our babies features!! Here's his darling profile:

Then came the 3D pictures... SO FUN!
It looks like he has full, big lips like Roman... Yay!
& I thought he had Anthon's nose when I saw it in the ultrasound, but when the Dr. was going over the ultrasound with us she said, "Oh, how cute! He has your nose, Mommy." So, we're looking forward to seeing who's nose he actually has once he's here :)
It was SO fun to get to see him! I feel him all day long, but SEEING him made me re-realize "Oh yeah, there IS a baby growing in there!" So, the home stretch begins (or it will in a week)! This pregnancy seems to be going a lot faster for me than with Roman... I should probably thank Roman for that cause I'm pretty sure he's the reason I've felt so busy & that's what's made the time fly :).