Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I caved...

& joined facebook. So if you're on there, add me as your friend! My email is a_shleigh17@yahoo.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Gwen!!

Happy birthday, my sweet sister & dear friend!! You're an amazing person & I'm so lucky to have you in my life!! I was going to try and list 33 things I love about you, but I decided to keep it simple & do just 5 specific things. Here we go:
1) You have a genuinely kind heart & it shows in how you treat others
2) You're incredibly forgiving & love people in spite of their flaws
3) You're a great example to me- in SO many aspects (wife, mother, daughter, friend, student)
4) You're a great listener & always help me see the good in hard situations
5) You're BEAUTIFUL, charming, funny, honest, generous, love life, have a great sense of style, are able to laugh at yourself, & help me see my potential continually! (ok, so this is like 9 things...)
I love you!! I hope your day is special & you can find some cute jeans ... Wish I could be there to go shopping with you, but hopefully I will be soon :). I love you, happy birthday!! Anthons says "what are you doin?" :)

PS- remember this song?? It's all YOU!!
"There is a place here
That only you can fill.
And this empty space awaits
The magic you instill.
For your warm embrace
Does what nothing else can do
You're second to none
Because you're the one and only you.

Something was missing
Until you came along.
And someone's been wishing you
Would fill their heart with song.
For no other melody
Can touch them like you do
Their song goes unsung if not
For the one and only you.

So don't waste your energy
Chasing a destiny
You were not sent here to claim.
That isn't the reason you came,
And you know that it's true.

You cannot truly be anything else
So reach for the best in yourself.
You're more than a miracle,
You're the original you!

And if you should wonder if this could be the truth.
The hearts you have lifted up
Are more than living proof
And if you are listening,
A message is coming through
With thanks from above and
Love for the one and only you.

For no other melody can touch me like you do
And this song is song
With love for the one and only you."

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Green's Peak- LOTS of pictures!!

Anthon's family has a tradition of going camping up at Green's peak every Labor day with his mom's side of the family, the Longhursts. Here's some pictures of our trip:

Day 1:
Went for a ride in the Artic Cat

It was pretty cold/rainy the whole time, so we had to really bundle up

Mom, Lilly, & Shauna on our ride right before we ran out of gas!

Day 2:
Good morning!

Enjoying the sunshine while it lasted!

We took Roman on a ride to see "our tree"

Hard to believe it's been 7 years since he carved this!

We wanted to add Roman's initials but forgot a knife, Dang it! Oh well, we'll do it next year... we figured a picture would do (& the kid would not wake up for anything)

Roman & one of his favorite cousins, Lilly hanging out around the camp fire.

Day 3:
He loved riding the kiddie quad with his daddy!

The Longhursts are known for their ghetto booties, so they made the shirts accordingly.

If you know me, you know that when it comes to camping I'm always excited to get home, shower, wash the smoke smell out of our clothes, and sleep on a regular matress. What can I say, I'm a city girl that Anthon is slowly trying to convert ;). BUT it really was great to escape from the heat of the valley & spend some time out in the beautiful forrest! I had a lot of fun seeing everyone, visiting, playing games & eating all the yummy food!I'll look forward to getting together with all of you again soon :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Roman Dear, I love you so!

This is the song I sing to Roman every night. Ok, so the real words are "Mother Dear" but I changed them & I think they still work :):

"Roman Dear, I love you so! You're happy smiling face, is such a joy to look at! You make home a lovely place!"
"Roman Dear, I love you so! Your lovely shining eyes, are just like stars that twinkle way up in the bright blue sky!"
"Roman Dear, I love you so I'll try my whole life through, to please my Heavenly Father; I'm so glad He gave me you!!"
Roman was 8 months old on Sunday & is more & more fun everyday! Seriously, I couldn't love this kid more! He's accomplished some new things & had some changes like:
*Got 2 more teeth (for a total of 3 on the bottom)
*Got his 1st hair cut
*Learned to pull himself up to stand
*Learned to walk while you hold his hands
*Survived his 1st sickness- a virus in his intestines :(
*Only wants to eat what we're eating for dinner &
*REFUSES to let anyone feed him but himself
*Waves "Hi" & "Bye"
*Went on his 1st camping trip (I'll post about that next)
This little boy is the light of our life!! I'm so grateful we have the opportunity to be his parents. As each month passes & he grows I become more & more aware of how lucky I am to be his mother! He makes me laugh on a daily basis & melts my heart every night (He plays with my hair while I sing to him & rock him to sleep). We just love, love, love him!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wheelin' & Dealin'

About a month or so ago, I WON this adorable stroller worth $150!!
Then, I saw the awesome car seat that matches it & knew I had to have it!!(but I wasn't about to pay the $180.00 price tag @ Babies'R'Us)
So, I began searching & found someone selling this car seat NEW with 2 bases for $100 (the extra base alone sells for $80!). Now, I needed to figure out how to pay for it (I couldn't justify spending the $$ on another car seat when I already had 2 that I'm wasn't using)
SO, I Sold These:My 2nd car seat that we never used for $50
The swing that Roman refused to sit in for $60- YAY!! I got my car with with 2 bases (which I'll save, so it's nice for the next baby) & had $ 10 left over!!

Then I decided I wanted a different high chair cause this one had a permanent bar across the thigh area & would scratch Roman's legs/ knees every time I'd put him in or take him out
I sold it for $75 & got this one for $80
& I still had $5 left over to enjoy a couple cranberry limeaides from Sonic :). I LOVE getting good deals, Don't you?!