Friday, December 24, 2010

A Little Random Update...

Just thought I'd do a little post about the other things that have been going on besides the pregnancy & baby. This month has been SUPER busy, but a lot of fun! I love this time of year when our magnet board is filled with greetings from our friends & family- Just thought I'd through this picture in :)
In addition to me working DOUBLE the hours I normally do,we also had both our family Christmas parties last weekend, and both were a lot of fun! But I'm a dork & didn't take one picture at Anthon's family party (& probably the only reason I got this shot at my family party was my sister kept on me about bringing all my camera stuff to get it)!
Mind you, this isn't even half of my siblings & their families... there's a LOT more that we missed!
The thing I'm probably most excited about (& the most recent) is, through some wheeling & dealing- my specialty you know ;), we were able to score a new couch with ZERO $$ out of pocket! We even had $50 from our profit left over that hopefully I can buy some fabric to make curtains with :)!
Anyway, my brother, Peter, came over the other night to help Anthon put the couch together & here are the kids having a hay day in one of the boxes. My sister-in-law & I were seriously tempted to return the toys we'd bought the kids for Christmas and just wrap up these enormous boxes... they seriously loved them!

& here's the finished project... aw I love it! Anthon says it's my Christmas present & that's fine by me :). Now if he'll only let us sit on it... he's so OCD about new things getting dirty or ruined that he almost doesn't want to use them. Haha, love him!

Ok, that's it. Like I said, little random update. We're heading over to my mom's tonight to have a slumber party & celebrate/ reflect on the birth of our Savior. Hope all of you have a beautiful Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Half way!

I'm half way done with this pregnancy! Other than feeling like a TANK, I'm good- have plenty of energy and haven't been sick at all. It hasn't all been smooth sailing though... we had a worrisome last month or 2 because, at my 1st trimester screen, they told us the baby might have Trisomy 18 (a fatal birth defect). I had a level 2 ultrasound today to make sure he was ok... well he looked beautiful! All his organs/parts looked the way they should and he's growing perfectly (actually he measured 20weeks 4days today & I'm 19weeks 6 days- almost a week ahead). The only abnormality was 2 little spots of calcified muscle on his heart- like grains of sand in the muscle. The condition (which has a really long, technical name that I don't want to type) can be a sign of Trisomy 18 or Trisomy 13, but my Dr. said if he had either syndrome they would have found other abnormalities. It doesn't effect the development or function of his heart and there are lots of babies born with the condition that are completely healthy. They did another blood draw just to be safe, but we feel very peaceful about the whole situation- and SOO thankful!! Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and love... we've felt so blessed! Anyway, here are some pictures we got of him today :)

I LOVE his little legs & butt!
We got to see a little bit of his face :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

LOVE these boys!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We went to Show Low this year to spend Thanksgiving with Anthon's family & woke up to THIS:
Roman had a blast playing in it & helping Uncle Jason get wood for the fire!
We tried to take family pictures, too.
I'm not a professional by any means, but what we got will work for our Christmas cards.
& I took some of everyone else too.
Shauna & Garet
Aren't they cute?!
Shannon's kids: Landen,
& Josiah
(Shannon, I'm still working on editing your family shots-sorry!)
The whole family!
It was SO nice to spend time with everyone & enjoy the cold for a change!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Too Girly??

So, a lady was giving this car seat cover away for free on Craig's List, & it just happened to be a cover that would fit my car seat... & I LOVE zebra print! So, I picked it up!
Plus, This is the cover I was planning on using for the new baby, so I was excited that they would match (not that that's important, but it's fun)
Sooo... too girly for 2 boys??
I hope not, because I pretty much love them!

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Day at the Park!

Always teasing...

If you know Anthon, you know he's a tease...

& if you know Roman, you know he's a sweet heart!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To answer some of your questions...

We started trying for baby #2 last November, I started going to a new fertility specialist in February, and we had some "trial & error" for about 6 months. Then, he prescribed me Clomid, and bam! First cycle, I was pregnant! We found out on September 1st, but decided to wait til the 2nd trimester to share the news because my progesterone levels were low, & you know... it's what we do. My due date is May 12.
I had an ultrasound last week & the tech said she could give me her best guess as to the gender since the baby has a gender "prominence" at this stage (Girl prominence points down, boy prominence points up). Her best guess was... BOY! We'll double check when I go back in for my 18 week ultrasound, but for now we're planning on adding another mini-Anthon to our brood!
In case you can't tell what's what in the 1st ultrasound picture, I labeled this one for you :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

Diabetes Walk 2010

The whole gang:
L-R: Dad Perkins, Mom Perkins, Christian, Michele, Taylor, Dave, Mom Gills, Anthon, Me, & Roman
This years walk was fun, HOT but fun! At least we wore shorts & t-shirts this year (unlike last years jeans & sweaters)!!! We had a smaller group but enjoyed the time together. Thank you to all that has helped us in anyway to raise money for this or supporting Anthon! We'll see you again next year :)!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ward Halloween Party

We had our ward Halloween Party tonight & we had a lot of fun!!
Love Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Had to Share...

We had an experience tonight I thought I'd share... Anthon takes 2 Different kinds of insulin: Humalog (at every meal) & Lantus (morning & night). He came home from scouts and realized his Lantus bottle was missing- which happened to be his very last bottle that he had just opened a few days ago. He normally keeps it way up high where Roman can't reach it, & I don't mess with his stuff, so he was FREAKING OUT trying to find what he'd done with it after he had taken his morning shot. After frantically searching for it, we determined that there was no way we were gonna find it without help, so we said a little family prayer asking Heavenly Father to help us find this tiny bottle that is so vital for Anthon. A few minutes later I was getting organized for all the things I have to do tomorrow & Anthon was sanding wood for me outside, when the thought came to my mind, "I wonder if he could've thrown it away", but being the retard I am, I took one look at our completely full trash bag and decided not to search thru it. Hours later, we're in our G's ready for bed, Anthon has taken all the trash out to the dumpster (since the garbage man comes bright & early tomorrow morning), & we still haven't found the insulin that Anthon needs to take before going to bed. He finally says to me "Will you come outside with me to look through the trash? I can't stop thinking that maybe I threw it away.". We go outside, pull the bag out of the dumpster, cut it down one side, pick up the 1st thing that's not completely disgusting, & guess what falls to the ground??? THE LANTUS!!!
Moral of the Story, Heavenly Father is real, he loves us, he hears our prayers, and he answers them!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Few Favorites

Roman is 20 months & his little personality is just flourishing!! He's talking a ton lately and is such a funny, loving little guy! I just wanted to document a few of his favorite things...
This picture has 2 of his favorite things:
1) the lawn mower push tow...which is ironic because the closest thing we have to grass is asphalt! He just likes to push it I guess :)
2) the unsightly frog rain boots! As soon as he wakes up, they're on his feet & he doesn't want to wear any other shoes (unless I'm mean & hide them)

The Dr. Seuss dolls they sell at Kohl's... the kid is OBSESSED! Carries around the 3 that he has everywhere, all the time. His favorite is the one with the wild hot pink hair... go figure :) I'm kind of happy about this though cause he'll play with her hair while he's falling asleep instead of mine!

There are a few other "must haves" for Mr. Roman (juice, any type of dog, and his pillow),but these are his top 3. I LOVE this crazy little man!