Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"That's a huge B"

B is for Belly! Here's the massive 30 week baby bump that I'm sporting these days. It seems like it just keeps shooting right out! I doubled my weight (which I HOPE isn't a new trend!) & gained 6 lbs at my last appointment- Which puts me at 12 lbs total. I'd like to especially thank McDonald's & Marble Slab for helping me accomplish this :) ! No, I'm totally fine with gaining weight- It's what's suppose to happen, right? I'm starting to notice it more in my cheeks now but I guess I can just find comfort in the fact that I'm only going to get bigger :).
Here's a picture of me bearing it all- Like my "rainbow" scar above my belly button?? I'm continually amazed at my bodies ability to grow just enough skin so I don't BURST :)!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An answer to our prayers!!!

As many of you know, my brother Jared has been missing since last December & my family had NO idea where he might be. Well, he has finally contacted our family (in the form of a letter that he left at the cabin he disappeared from)! I haven't gotten the chance to read the letter, but I guess in it he explains a lot, expresses his love, & hopes he might see us soon (but he didn't specify when). I'm just SO grateful that he's alive & is reaching out to us in some way!! It sounds like he's happy & in a better place spiritually... I know Heavenly Father has been watching over him & hearing our prayers!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not the ugliest kid I've seen...

but I hope ours will be cuter in real life :)!

This is a pretty fun site- I made some GOOFY looking kids :)- Try it & see what you come up with! - What will your baby look like?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Frustrating Day... With a Happy Ending.

My day today was pretty much nothing but frustrating for me! Let me explain the MAIN 3 reasons why (in order of occurrence & annoyance, coincidentally):
1* I FAILED my 1st gestational diabetes test so I had to go back in this morning to do the 3 hour long one. The fact that I had to take another test was not the problem (since the condition I had before I got pregnant, PCOS, made me insulin resistant & it's fairly common to have gestational diabetes among PCOS women... not that big of a shocker). The problem was I showed up @ 9:30am so that I would have plenty of time to do the 3 hour test & get to school on time. Mind you, this is a fasting test so I'm already STARVING! Well, I waited 45 minutes before they even called me up to look at my orders (AFTER I told them I was there for the 3 hour glucose screening when I signed in)! SO they drew my blood, I drank the drink, & had my blood drawn every hour for the next 3 hours. The REALLY fun part was they had to stick me @ least 2 times every time they did a draw (just because my veins are small & like to be uncooperative) so now I look like I've been shooting up heroine!
2* Since they started my test late, I was late to school. Normally, not the end of the world, but TODAY I had to do a group presentation to the class on the virus that causes chicken pox & shingles. So I was STRESSING the entire way to school worried that I would be late for my presentation, while I'm trying to INHALE some food! Well, once I get to class the first group was just finishing up their presentation; my group is next... WHEW! We go up to do our thing & find out my spacey teacher didn't make copies of our outline for the class, so she decides "Oops... you guys can just go Wednesday & hopefully I remember to copy them tomorrow." After all I went through to get here...ARE YOU SERIOUS???
3* I spent the majority of my weekend reading, writing, & ultimately perfecting a respiratory case history that was due today. Let me just say, I was very proud of my efforts & the out come of my paper (it was like our mid-term). All the time I'd spent thinking of nothing but Valley Fever & Tuberculosis this weekend turned out to be a waste when my teacher decided to announce at the end of class that she was extending the due date for 2 MORE WEEKS so we would have more time to study for our lab practical. OK, that info would've been more helpful on FRIDAY since our practical is this Wednesday & I could have used my weekend to study for that instead of focusing my efforts on the stupid case history!!

One positive thing that came from all my frustrations today... since I had 3 hours to kill I was able to finish reading the 4th book in the Twilight series... I love happy endings! I had a little bit of an epiphany, & I just want to say that I can totally relate to Bella's perspective about being over joyed that she & Edward REALLY will be together FOREVER!
It's a little sappy & pathetic but I couldn't help but think of the promise that I will have Anthon forever; He'll have me forever and we'll have our baby forever!! There's nothing better in this life than to have that knowledge & blessing!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Buddha Belly...

Buddha Belly, Torpedo, basket ball, HUGE! There are a million ways I could describe my baby bump, but I think the best word has to be WONDERFUL! The 1st belly shot I posted was when I was 21 weeks- I'm now 27 weeks & you can defiantly see the growth of the past 6 weeks! I gained another 3 lbs. during this past month (Which puts me up to 6 lbs. total), so my Dr. was pretty happy at this months appointment :). I'm really enjoying being pregnant & feeling our little guy squirm around all day long! It's like we've been wanting this for SO long that it still doesn't quite seem possible that we're ACTUALLY having a baby... we're just enjoying this HUGE blessing in our lives (& he's not even here yet)!!

Tag from Gwen : )

1. Where is your cell phone? On my desk
2. Your significant other? Anthon Ray ( & he's VERY significant to me)!
3. Your hair? Just got re-highlighted yesterday... It's growing like weeds!
4. Your mother? Is amazing- a wonderful example!
5. Your father? Died just over 3 years ago... miss him!
6. Your favorite thing? PiƱa Colada Thrifty ice cream!
7. Your dream last night? I dreamed Sydney was here playing at our house (probably cause I watched videos of her last night before I went to bed) : )
8. Your favorite drink? Usually water, but lately I've been loving lemonade!
9. Your dream/goal? To finish my degree- WILL IT EVER HAPPEN??
10. The room you’re in? Family room
11. Your hobby? Crafting, decorating, visiting with friends!
12. Your fear? Lately I've been afraid of bugs getting into our house... good thing I'm married to the BEST bug guy in town!
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? FINISHED with school & living in Show Low with a couple kids!
14. What you’re not? I'm not a grudge holder : )
15. Muffins? Yes, that's what my love handles are starting to look like!

16. One of your wish list items? Knobs for our dresser/ night stands
17. Where you grew up? I claim Show Low as home, but I lived in the valley for the first 13 yrs of my life.
18. The last thing you did? Went to the gym.
19. What are you wearing? My G's
20. Favorite gadget? Digital camera, camcorder, & DeWalt drill : )
21. Your pets? ARE GOING TO BE DEAD if they don't stop getting out of the yard!!!
22. Your computer? Is slow. We tease Peter that it's his fault for downloading so much all the time : )
23. Your mood? Happy & grateful!
24. Missing someone? I'm missing my sister Gwen!! She sent me a sweet care package yesterday!!
25. Your car? Doesn't exist!! Still begging Anthon to get me one I can actually put a car seat into!
26. Something you’re not wearing? Anything but G's... they're the most comfy thing these days, so I usually don't get dressed unless we have company over, or I have to go out in public.
27. Favorite store? Lately it's Home Depot : ). Target is always at the top of my list, though!
28. Like someone? I like A LOT of people! I have MANY wonderful people in my life!!
29. Your favorite color? Blue
30. When is the last time you laughed? This morning when Anthon woke me up to say prayers before he left for work... He is such a GOOF in the morning!!
31. Last time you cried? Conference Sunday- I LOVED the talks by Henry B. Eyring, Elaine Dalton, & President Monson!

Now I tag, hmmm.... Lish, Michele, & anybody else :)!