Wednesday, June 12, 2013

& the craziness continues... Girls camp & swim lessons

The day that we got back into town from Mexico, we went to Mom's house so that we could see her sisters that were down here visiting, ViAnne, Johanna, & Clara. It was so fun to get to chat & see them- they are all such sweet ladies & amazing examples of sisters/ mothers!
The next morning I went to girls camp with my ward. Well technically, we did a service project in town & then went to Camp LoMia the next morning. Anyway, on Wednesday we went to the temple at 6:30 am & did service projects. my group were 1st years and we got to pull weeds/ plant flowers around the temple grounds- it was a beautiful morning & a really fun experience!
 Like I said before, the next day we headed up to camp & were there for 2 nights/ 3 days. It was fun... EXHAUSTING... but fun! My girls are all very sweet & the other cabin moms/ stake staff from my ward that were there are all awesome! I had a blast visiting with them & getting to know them better (& laughing until we cried over stupid things because we were so tired)!!
 Eileen took the boys to Show Low with her after Mexico & watched them while I was at camp. They both got sick while they were up there (poor Eileen!) and she brought them to Payson on the last day of camp so we wouldn't have to drive all the way to Show Low. They both had strep throat & Roman had an ear infection :( no fun! Thankfully, antibiotics work wonders & they were both feeling better in no time!
 They started swim lessons this week... the first day was rough for both of them! They both cried through most of their lesson. The 2nd day, Roman did MUCH better & has done great ever since! He's a good little swimmer, just needs to work on getting his technique down a little better :)
Sterling, on the other hand, HATES it! He screams throughout his entire lesson & tries to flee the water any chance he can get! I'm hoping he'll get more comfortable over these next couple weeks, it's so sad to see him so upset!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


We just got back from our annual week long trip to Mexico. It was heaven! I didn't think I took nearly as many pictures as I should have (I was too busy enjoying my family & the perfect weather), but it turns out I took plenty!! I'll let the few pictures I took speak for themselves!
   Roman got a new quad right before this trip & loved getting to ride it on the beach!


 Family photo!!


 On our last day, we all went on a long ride way down the beach- I was sooo nice! Here's all the boys lined up & ready to go!

 Sterling fell asleep on the drive :) sweet kid!
We literally did nothing but spend time as a family at the beach, and it was awesome!! So relaxing and so fun to make memories with our boys! Until next year, adios Mexico!