Friday, June 29, 2007

New Hªí®!!

Ok, I'm a nerd... I'll be the first to admit it :). But I had some hair from back in the day when I was a Guinea pig for my roommate who needed to learn how to put in extensions. Well, I heard about these new clips that you can sew onto the hair & just clip them in whenever you want long hair, & not have to deal with having them in 24/7 like regular extensions. (which is fabulous for me, cause I can never grow my hair out long enough to make me happy)!! So I did- I got the clips, sewed them onto the hair, & TAH-DUH... I have long hair. Like I said- I'm a nerd, but I'm loving it :)!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Weekend Trips ROCK!

This was a busy weekend for us! Anthon turned 23 on Thursday the 14th so I went out to California to celebrate his b-day with him, but it was also our 2 year wedding anniversary on Sunday the 17th. So yeah, lots of partying & FUN!! My mom came out this weekend too & it was just great to get to go to the beach together & just hang out! (It had been over 40 years since she had seen the ocean, so she was thrilled to get to go)! We went out to dinner on Saturday night to celebrate our anniversary & then Sunday I cooked dinner for all the poor starving boys & we had cake & ice cream to celebrate Anthon's birthday (since Sundays are the only night he FOR SURE won't be at work until 11 o'clock or midnight)! I had a great time & now the count down begins until my next trip out there... 14 days to go!

Father's Day...

I was in California for Father's Day this year & since neither one of our Dad's were there, we didn't really celebrate. But, I am especially grateful for the plan of Salvation, which I am consistently reminded of on Father's Day! And, I want to express my love & gratitude for my Fathers! They are both irreplaceable to me & I love them dearly!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

¡Puerto Peñasco!

View from our balcony!

We just got back from our annual family trip to Rocky Point & it was fabulous!! The weather was perfect, the resort was heaven, & it was nice just to get to see everyone!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Greatest Things in Life ARE Free

This week has been a really special one!! Mainly because I was able to go to the temple twice to support my niece & her family!.... Tuesday I got to see her & her husband take out their own endowments. Thursday I got to see them sealed together and have their sweet baby sealed to them! What an amazing experience!! Their sealing was really special, but everyone was just overcome with emotion when they brought Lily into the room!! She was so reverent & quite and just had the sweetest expression on her face (like she understood the importance of the ordinance). I am SO proud of them & the progress they have made; They are such good people & I love them dearly!!