Thursday, September 22, 2011

Growin' like a weed

This little man is 4 months old already & is getting bigger every day. We pushed his well check up back because he was so sick, so once he was feeling better we went in... and then he got sick again! K, I'm just being dramatic. He had a fever for a few days again, but it was because of the immunizations. Still, Sterling+ fever= no fun or sleep. He was healthy otherwise- growing as he should. He weighed 14.5 lbs & was 26 in tall. They haven't been giving me percentages for his size (like ever), they just show me his growth curve. I kinda like it that way- comparing him to himself & what's normal for him rather than comparing him to the masses (which, it seems like everyone I talk to's kid is in the 90th something percentile, so you'd think by now the 90th percentile would become the norm, or 50th. I don't know, just a thought). Anyway, he's healthy & growing at a consistent rate. He's becoming more & more playful everyday & I love it! Granted, he still looks at me like I'm the biggest idiot sometimes, but I really enjoy all of his expressions. He's started rolling a lot. I don't see him do it very often, but I know he does! for example, when I run in the mornings I lay him on his little play mat, on his back with his head on the North side. When I turn around to get off the treadmill, he's on his belly facing south. Here's a video when I actually witnessed it ... Please ignore my creeper voice :) 
I am SO thankful for this little boy!! He has the sweetest presence about him & such a mature spirit- I think he came to teach me thing or two while I try to raise him ;).
I have to add a little shout out to Mr. Roman. He FINALLLY got a hair cut!! There's nothing I love  more than a clean cut little boy... even if he's making this face while I'm trying to capture how cute he looks with short hair! Roman has been pretty bipolar lately, but I hear that's kinda common in 2 year olds. One minute he'll be super sweet, obedient, & helpful the next minute he's a maniac, tearing the house apart. However, I'm going to focus on the 1st minute :). He frequently will come up to me, wrap his arms around my neck, give me a big, wet kiss on my cheek & say, "Mmmm! I wuv you, Mommy!" It seriously makes my day when he does it... and makes me forget any awful things he did minutes before :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Annual Labor Day Camping Trip

Can I just start out by saying how impressed I am with Blogger's enhancements?!?! It's SO easy to upload/ edit pictures now... Hallelujah!

Anyway, onto our trip! We headed up to the mountains late Friday night & then headed up to the campsite (where all of Anthon's family was) Saturday morning. I think it's pretty common knowledge that I despise camping, but I honestly was trying to have a positive attitude this trip for Anthon's sake. He does things with me all the time that I'm sure he hates, so why shouldn't I do the same?  
 Well, the camping started out lovely... the weather was perfect, the mountain was beautiful, there were plenty of toys to keep the boys happy, & visiting with family is always fun for me!
Honestly, my favorite thing  about camping is the clothes... retarded, right?!?! You're suppose to wear whatever clothes- ones that can get destroyed. But I think it's so fun to get to dress the boys up in warm hats & hoodies... there's not much need for that here in Mesa.
Here we are all snuggled up by the fire... Day 1 was lovely!

 Day 2, on the other hand, was a little bit of a nightmare! There were bees everywhere... I mean swarming us constantly! Roman got stung on his nose (like up by his eye) :( & I was terrified that Sterling was going to get stung! Thankfully, he didn't! He did, however, get sick :( & was a fussy mess the entire day! If you know Sterling, you know he's a super chill baby that hardly ever makes a peep... the kid was crying, fussing, moaning all day long, so we knew something was up! We ended up leaving that night to head back home & I took him to the Dr. today. It turns out that the poor kid has a viral infection & has had a fever of like 102ยบ... not fun! Today has probably been the TOUGHEST day of my "motherhood career"- Sterling being so sick & crying almost non-stop, then Roman burning his hand on my flat iron right before Sterling's appointment, then crying because his hand hurts the entire time we're at the Dr.'s office (talk about the eyes of judgement being on us non-stop while we were there!), then Sterling having to be catheterized to make sure he didn't have a bladder infection/ UTI because of his hypospadias- resulting in more discomfort & screaming, & the list goes on and on... on top of me being TOTALLY sleep deprived (I'll be honest, I've had several crying melt downs today)!! Yeah, like I said, it's been a T.O.U.G.H day.
Anyway, back to our trip... The 2nd day wasn't completely miserable, we went on a ride in the Articat as a family to the tree Anthon carved our initials in way back in high school, and we added Sterling to it :)
Here we are waiting for Anthon to carve Sterling's name... He is SO white! Doesn't he look like a little corpse when he sleeps?!? So sweet & creepy at the same time!
Here's me & my Roman boy... Gosh I love this rotten, beautiful kid!
& here's the finished product! This was my favorite part of the trip... Just the few minutes we spent together, taking pictures & doing this little tradition we've started!
Before we came back home, we stopped at Anthon's parents house to steel some fresh veggies from their garden.I'm SO sad I didn't get pictures of it, but Roman had a BLAST! He loved searching for the red tomatoes & pulling them off the vine, catching lady bugs, & finding big zucchini's to pick! We'll have to do it again the next time we're up there, & NOT forget my camera!
So in a nut shell, the trip would have been perfect minus the bees & sick baby, but there's always next year to have that perfect camping trip :)
PS- I didn't take a whole lot of pictures this trip, but if you want to see all of them you can check out the album on Facebook by clicking HERE