Friday, March 26, 2010

Have you seen it?

Mesa Arizona Easter Pageant: Jesus The Christ.... It tells of Jesus's birth, ministry, death, & resurrection in a wonderful theatrical performance. It's FREE to anyone who would like to come & is on the front lawn of the Mesa Temple grounds (525 East Main St.). It starts @ 8pm & is about an hour long. The performances are in Spanish this weekend, but March 30-April 3 all performances will be in English. Bring your family & come enjoy this great production!
Some cast members walk around before & after the performance so you can see/ talk to them & take pictures if you want.
We thought it'd be cool to get a picture of Roman with a Roman soldier... He didn't.

You can go into the Visitor's Center & see the Christus statue and a lot of other really beautiful things! They have short videos you can watch & this year they set up a room with cool backdrops where you can go in & have a professional picture taken with some of the cast.
So go down & check it out! The grounds are beautiful & it's a wonderful message!

Temple grounds= BEAUTIFUL

While we were waiting fo rthe pageant to start, we walked around the temple grounds to let Roman burn off some energy & took some fun pictures. It's not hard to capture some of the beauty when you're there.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Recent FÜN

While my sister & her family were here we took advantage of the warm weather (& our cousins pool) and went swimming a couple times. Good times are always had in the water!
checking out the pool- "I think I remember this...."

Gwen & her darling kids

This was just a fun night after having Mom & Peter over for dinner, so I took a couple pictures

Learning to play from the best!

Giving Daddy a hand with the mic

Taking over lead vocals- Anthon was really excited about this apparently :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Too much fun, what's that mean?

It means taking 200+ pictures in 2 days! I love my camera!! Here are some of my favorites:

Learning to run

watching him fall (Anthon took this one)

Playing Grandma's piano
Sydney hides when it gets too noisey :)

Which one's your favorite?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

AWESOME boutique house party!!

The boutique Contagious is letting me host a party at my home with all their merchandise!! They have ADORABLE jeans, tops, bags, jewelry, & more- all under $50!! Check out for some samples of what they sell... plus they'll have BRAND new inventory at my party!! The details are:
When: Fri. March 19th, 6pm-8pm (come, shop, & go as you please)
Where: 632 N. 99th St., Mesa 85207
There's NO pressure to buy/sign up for anything, just come by & shop for some super cute new clothes!! Feel free to bring any friends that want to shop too:D

Be there or be SQÜARE!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Yesterday was my 26th birthday. My family REALLY pulled it off this year & threw me an AWESOME surprise party!! I, honestly, had ZERO clue what was going on... We were in Show Low for Shauna's wedding & drove down yesterday afternoon. Once we got home, I rushed into the house (thinking I only had 15 minutes to get ready for our dinner reservation) & was greated by a screaming mob of 23+ of my favorite people!! Oh, & an added bonus, my sister that's living in TX, Gwen, & her family were in the crowd (HOW did they keep that secret from me???). The women in my family came over, cleaned my house (Sorry again Michele, but THANK YOU!), decorated, made the best tasting burrito's, & totally pulled off the FUNNEST party- I was completely surprised & felt SO special! So, how could an already awesome party get any better?? By me opeing up my very own, shiney & new, Canon Rebel xSi digital camera (with all the accessories & 2 extra lenses)!! I almost peed my pants & did cry a little! After I opened it, I couldn't put it down- I LOVE THIS CAMERA!!Here are some snap shots I took of some of the craziness known as my party:I really had the BEST birthday ever- so many surprises & people I love! My mother told me earlier in the day to look for a present from my Heavenly Father- my family is it! Thank you all for making me feel so important & special! I love you all VERY much!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Random Snapshots that I Love

I love watching him explore his world...
& I love watching him sleep!
I love his grin,
His full lips, & big blue eyes!!
I just love HIM!
PS- And, I'd LOVE a new camera that could actually take GOOD pictures... sorry they're so pixilated- if that's a word :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

White Trash picture of the week

After I was finished getting ready this morning, I came into the kitchen to find this...You may be asking yourself, "But where did he get an already open, 1/2 empty can of cherry pie filling?" Where else, but the disturbed garbage can you see in the background... gross! I have no idea where or how he got the spoon... (& don't you just love the snot nose... adds to the white trashiness). I clean the little stinker up & not even 5 minutes later, I hear him making this mess... ahhh, you gotta love little boys!
PS- Is it totally wrong that instead of cleaning him & the mess up immediately upon discovering it, I search the house for my camera so I can capture his mischievousness??