Tuesday, March 2, 2010

White Trash picture of the week

After I was finished getting ready this morning, I came into the kitchen to find this...You may be asking yourself, "But where did he get an already open, 1/2 empty can of cherry pie filling?" Where else, but the disturbed garbage can you see in the background... gross! I have no idea where or how he got the spoon... (& don't you just love the snot nose... adds to the white trashiness). I clean the little stinker up & not even 5 minutes later, I hear him making this mess... ahhh, you gotta love little boys!
PS- Is it totally wrong that instead of cleaning him & the mess up immediately upon discovering it, I search the house for my camera so I can capture his mischievousness??


*Katie May* said...

No it's not wrong it is the only way to show them some day what a stinker they could be sometimes ;)

Anonymous said...

HAHA I love it! Reminds me of someone I know! Man, once they can walk life gets a little crazier.
Asher found my lipstick this morning and comes in my room with it all over his hands and saying "mmm mmmm." There were no signs he ate any but seriously these boys keep life interesting, don't they?!

Pace & Gwen said...

But, he was hungry, Mom :) Ha!! I love it :) Independence is a wonderful thing, jk!! Capture it all on camera, that's what I say :) I know you agree with that sentiment!

MSorenson said...

Awesome! Such a cute boy! That is one of those moments that you HAVE to search for the camera.