Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day...

We decided Saturday evening to head to Show Low for the long weekend, & I'm so glad we did! It was SO nice to be home & out of the heat! Anthon's dad is the branch president of the Cibecue Branch (a little reservation town) & one of the members out there made him the little bed/carrier Sterling's in, so he wanted to get a picture.Monday, Memorial Day, we went to Anthon's great grandparents cabin and family cemetery to plant flowers & have a picnic.
the weather was PERFECT! 70ยบ & no wind!
Roman loved helping his daddy & Grandpa plant the flowers

And playing baseball with his cousins & Uncle Jason!
Sterling enjoyed soaking up some sun
Anthon bought a new toy Saturday before we came up- it's a remote control helicopter.
He spent most of the trip playing with it...
I still love him though :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Another week's gone by...

Roman's been having some fun this week... playing with cousins, going to the park, and constantly getting into things he shouldn't in his bathroom! Yep, a whole roll of dental floss, tangled around his little hand. Oh, I love this boy, but this little stint (and unrolling a whole roll of toilet paper into the toilet then flushing it) earned him a child lock on his bathroom door nob!
Sterling is starting to look more like Roman to me :)

I decided to bust out the camera today & try to take some fun pictures of him... Here are a few: He weighed 8lbs 8oz this week
I Love this little hat! I thought this shot showed his actual size pretty well... Kinda fun to "add" him to our family wall of pictures, in a way!

Friday, May 20, 2011

What we've been up to these past 2 weeks...

A whole lotta nothin' but enjoying this little man!

Sterling is such a chill, easy going baby. He hardly makes a peep, much less cries, and is just as content as can be. He does look like he's concerned about something a lot of the time, so maybe he's just trying to take it all in.
We have gone on a lot of walks to a playground that's close by. Poor Roman & I are getting sick of being home 24/7, so walks are a nice way to avoid catching cabin fever!

Sleep... a lot! Nap time is oh so glorious! Not only is it my one & only break for the day, but it's the perfect time to capture these candid, heart warming, moments!

Baths- Oh I love the smell of a new baby! Sterling's hair gets greasy very fast, so I look forward to bath days when we get to give him a good scrubbin' and then spend the rest of the day cuddling & sniffing his freshly cleaned head of hair!

That pretty much sums up our activities for the past 2 weeks at our house... & probably many more weeks to come. Just living the day-to-day life, and enjoying watching these two boys grow!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sterling Anthon Perkins

Our baby is a week old today, so I figured it's about time I posted about his birth. This delivery was SO much easier on me than Roman's was! With the exception on one MISERABLE hour (after they broke my water, before I got the epidural) labor was a cinch. I was induced Thursday, May 5th, @ 10pm and Sterling was born just a short time later- May 6, 2011 @ 1:33pmHe's itty-bitty (compared to what Roman was at birth)! He weighed 7lbs 3oz & was 21 inches long. He's a super chill baby & just darling!

Here we all are meeting each other for the first time... I was a little worried about how Roman would respond to him, but it's all been positive! When Roman 1st came into my hospital room & I showed him Sterling, his face literally LIT UP and he exclaimed, "It's my baby!"
We're not sure who Sterling resembles yet- some people say he looks just like Anthon, some say they can see Roman in him, and some say he just looks like a little old man... maybe we should've named him Benjamin Button :)
One thing's for sure, he got my family's cursed finger toes! Look at the length of those babies! He did have to spend one day in the ICU under the bili lights because he was jaundiced, but that was ok. Remember, we thought he had Trisomy 18 for the first few months I was pregnant & thought he wasn't going to live, so we're thankful any little hiccup he has to go through in this life & that we get to have him as our son!!

Just a heads up: Most of the captions below have nothing to do with the pictures :) The pictures are from our last day at the hospital/ 1st day home.

We got to come home the afternoon of Mother's Day, May 8th, which was really special! I'm not gonna lie, life with two kids is harder than I thought it would be, but thankfully we're all adjusting to the changes & enjoying the time together.

This little man had his days & nights mixed up for the first few nights we were home, but we've nipped that in the bud & aren't so sleep deprived now.

I was a weepy mess for the first few days we were home, too. The smallest thing would open the water works and they just wouldn't shut! I don't know how husbands deal with their emotional, postpartum wives... it's so pathetic and ridiculous sometimes, but I'm thankful Anthon's understanding of my irrational emotions!

Seeing our 2 boys interact together is probably the greatest joy I've felt in my life, thus far. Roman is always asking to hold Sterling and loves to help me bathe him, change his diaper, or anything I'm doing with the baby. It's really nice that he likes to help me, and helps put my conscience at ease because he's included in almost all of the things we do for the new baby.
I took some pictures to use for Sterling's birth announcements yesterday; here's one that didn't make the final cut, but that I still love, so I figured I share it on here... enjoy :)