Friday, May 13, 2011

Just a heads up: Most of the captions below have nothing to do with the pictures :) The pictures are from our last day at the hospital/ 1st day home.

We got to come home the afternoon of Mother's Day, May 8th, which was really special! I'm not gonna lie, life with two kids is harder than I thought it would be, but thankfully we're all adjusting to the changes & enjoying the time together.

This little man had his days & nights mixed up for the first few nights we were home, but we've nipped that in the bud & aren't so sleep deprived now.

I was a weepy mess for the first few days we were home, too. The smallest thing would open the water works and they just wouldn't shut! I don't know how husbands deal with their emotional, postpartum wives... it's so pathetic and ridiculous sometimes, but I'm thankful Anthon's understanding of my irrational emotions!

Seeing our 2 boys interact together is probably the greatest joy I've felt in my life, thus far. Roman is always asking to hold Sterling and loves to help me bathe him, change his diaper, or anything I'm doing with the baby. It's really nice that he likes to help me, and helps put my conscience at ease because he's included in almost all of the things we do for the new baby.
I took some pictures to use for Sterling's birth announcements yesterday; here's one that didn't make the final cut, but that I still love, so I figured I share it on here... enjoy :)


ecuakim said...

Can't wait to see the other pictures if that one didn't make the cut!!! Holy Darling! Love love love.

Jerry and Charlsye Miller said...

oh you are just going to love watching them become best friends. That is my favorite thing about having my two boys! He's a cutie and I really like the name. Glad to hear Mom and baby are doing good. CONGRATS!

Corinne and Justin said...

I LOVE Sterling! He is soo Precious! I need to hold the sweet guy again, and Kamden misses his best friend!

Lindsay said...

So Sweet!!! Congratulations!