Tuesday, November 27, 2012


We got to spend Thanksgiving in Show Low this year & it was SOOO nice! The weather was perfect, and the break from school/work/ day to day life was even better!! I seriously love going home- it's so relaxed up there and its so nice just to be able to visit with everyone! Plus, the boys get to be outside as much as they want without us worrying about them too much!

 See what I mean?! They LOVE going to Grandpa & Grandma's!
So many fun things to do!
Here are some of us prepping for the feast
   The food was amazing, the company was fabulous, and the time together was priceless!! We truly have so much to be thankful for!
We even got some Black Friday shopping in... I was hesitant about going after the incident with Sterling, but the spirit of the season (or the rush of bargain shopping) got the better of me, and I ended up at Walmart that evening. It turned out to be really great, though! The crowds weren't too crazy, lines were not long at all, and we got everything we wanted for our boys Christmas at a fraction of the cost!
Now it's back to reality- preping for finals being at the top of the list!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Tender Mercy

We had quite the scare tonight! We had gone to Walmart for a few things & had found a bicycle helmet on clearance that we thought Roman would like for Christmas. Anthon was going to pay for it while I took the boys out to the car so Roman wouldn't see. I always load Roman up in the car first, since Sterling will stay put & Roman usually won't. Well, while I was buckling Roman in, the car parked next to me backed up without looking, hit the shopping cart with Sterling in it & knocked it over! It was SOO scary! He hit the side of his head on the asphalt so we decided to be on the safe side & took him to the ER to have a CT scan done. They got us right in & other than some bumps & bruising on his head, he's fine... His guardian Angels must have softened the blow! 
I've been a hot mess all night, but am SOOO very thankful he's ok!!!

It took a while to calm him down after the CT scan, but thankfully he finally fell asleep.

 Once we knew everything was ok and he was asleep, I was OUT!
Whew! So much stress! Thankfully though, he wasn't hurt and (an added bonus) he was approved for insurance about 2 weeks ago, so we won't have any out of pocket expense!! Tender mercy, indeed!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

18 Months

How is it possible that my baby is18 months?!? Well, he is & it amazes me how much he is learning/ growing every day! He had his well baby check up & his stats were as follows:
Weight: 21.6 lbs- 20% he went up!
Height: 36 inches- 50%
Head: Don't remember the measurement, but he was in the 50% here too
This kid is growing like a weed (Finally!) & is SO much fun! He's talking quite a bit and some of the words he can say are, "Turtle, hi, bye-bye, momma, Dada, Mo-men (Roman), juice, ball, car, No!, yeah, Mama (Grandma), Papa (Grandpa), Jesus, Amen, please, thank you, sorry, welcome, & nigh-night." He still LOVES balls, cars, his brother & daddy, his puppy snuggie, & his dang paci's. Here are a couple of his other favorites:
BATHS!!! My little water baby!
 Haha- I love his face in this! Look at all those teeth!
 Swings! This was a new experience for him & he loved it!
 Nursery! He has been going with Roman for the last couple weeks, but this Sunday was his first official day in nursery... too bad I didn't get a picture of him before church!
Man, I love this kid! He is so playful & fun at this age! He's totally his daddy's boy, too- LOVES to wrestle and be mean, but is a total sweet heart at the same time ;)

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Roman has been loving Super Mario Brothers lately & was delighted at the idea of all of us dressing up as characters! Of course, mine & Anthon's costumes were absolutely ridiculous! One of these days we're going to choose a theme where our costumes won't be completely unflattering, uncomfortable, & hot! Weeks before Halloween Roman would say, "Mom! I'm gonna be Luigi, Sterling's Mario, you Peach, & Daddy gonna be Toad!! It gonna be so great!", so that made it all worth it :)
& It was great! The night before Halloween we went to our church party, ate dinner, played games, jumped in some bounce houses, & had a trunk-or-treat. Here's some photos from that night:
Roman showing off his muscles & Sterling was kind of a grump. I didn't think & used eye liner to draw on their mustaches, so they smeared all over their faces all night!
The one thing Sterling liked at the party was the fishing game, even though he seems pretty unimpressed here!

On actual Halloween night, Anthon had a mid-term, so I got the boys dressed and took them over to my mom's for a little bit, then we met up with Anthon & our friends, the Gibsons, at Anthon's school for their annual Halloween party. After that, we took the boys trick-or-treating at some of Anthon's customer's and got enough candy to kill an entire army of diabetics!
I smartened up this time & used water proof mascara for their mustaches, so they were nice & dark all night long!
 It was a really fun Halloween!! I love the ages our boys are at & how excited they get over the little things!!