Friday, November 16, 2012

Tender Mercy

We had quite the scare tonight! We had gone to Walmart for a few things & had found a bicycle helmet on clearance that we thought Roman would like for Christmas. Anthon was going to pay for it while I took the boys out to the car so Roman wouldn't see. I always load Roman up in the car first, since Sterling will stay put & Roman usually won't. Well, while I was buckling Roman in, the car parked next to me backed up without looking, hit the shopping cart with Sterling in it & knocked it over! It was SOO scary! He hit the side of his head on the asphalt so we decided to be on the safe side & took him to the ER to have a CT scan done. They got us right in & other than some bumps & bruising on his head, he's fine... His guardian Angels must have softened the blow! 
I've been a hot mess all night, but am SOOO very thankful he's ok!!!

It took a while to calm him down after the CT scan, but thankfully he finally fell asleep.

 Once we knew everything was ok and he was asleep, I was OUT!
Whew! So much stress! Thankfully though, he wasn't hurt and (an added bonus) he was approved for insurance about 2 weeks ago, so we won't have any out of pocket expense!! Tender mercy, indeed!!