Tuesday, November 6, 2012

18 Months

How is it possible that my baby is18 months?!? Well, he is & it amazes me how much he is learning/ growing every day! He had his well baby check up & his stats were as follows:
Weight: 21.6 lbs- 20% he went up!
Height: 36 inches- 50%
Head: Don't remember the measurement, but he was in the 50% here too
This kid is growing like a weed (Finally!) & is SO much fun! He's talking quite a bit and some of the words he can say are, "Turtle, hi, bye-bye, momma, Dada, Mo-men (Roman), juice, ball, car, No!, yeah, Mama (Grandma), Papa (Grandpa), Jesus, Amen, please, thank you, sorry, welcome, & nigh-night." He still LOVES balls, cars, his brother & daddy, his puppy snuggie, & his dang paci's. Here are a couple of his other favorites:
BATHS!!! My little water baby!
 Haha- I love his face in this! Look at all those teeth!
 Swings! This was a new experience for him & he loved it!
 Nursery! He has been going with Roman for the last couple weeks, but this Sunday was his first official day in nursery... too bad I didn't get a picture of him before church!
Man, I love this kid! He is so playful & fun at this age! He's totally his daddy's boy, too- LOVES to wrestle and be mean, but is a total sweet heart at the same time ;)