Friday, January 29, 2010


This Sat. 30th, 8am-1pm @ our house
(632 N. 99th St. Mesa 85207).

We have TONS of clothes from Macy's, Buckle, Gap, Old Navy, Hollister, Abercrombie, & more! There is women's/juniors, men's & baby boy clothes. Shirts are only $1, jeans are only $7, & eveything else (skirts, shorts, capris, sweaters, dresses, shoes, ect) is priced between $1-$7 (Baby clothes are all $1 & range in size from NB- 18months). All clothes are in LIKE NEW condition!!
There are some baby items other than clothes (toys, nursing pillow, stroller & car seat, & rocking/vibrating chair) ALL in like new condition & priced super cheap!!
Also, I'll be selling some magnet boards & baby head bands I've made. Head bands are $1-$3 & magnet boards are $3-$5. These are all NEW, never been used.
So, come over & check it out!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Snow Day!!

Our trip to Show Low was a LOT of fun!! It rained the whole way up & once we got there the rain turned to snow & didn't stop for almost 2 days! Thankfully, we made it up the mountain without any road complications (there were some HUGE boulders in the middle of the road in Salt River Canyon, but other than that it was just wet from the rain) & before they closed the highway. We played a lot on the snow & got to meet Gerald & Allison's new baby boy, Nate... He's SO darling!! Here are some pictures of all our fun in the snow...
Anthon & I spent the afternoon building an igloo...
Roman eating the igloo
Jason & Evan

You know when you're almost to Superior & you go through that canyon before the tunnel, well there were waterfalls everywhere!! Here's a shot of one of them... so pretty!!

Oh, Roman...

This boy has been keeping us BUSY these past few weeks!! Here's some things he's been up to...
He decided that he can climb onto things & hasn't stopped since. This should be fun...
& he LOVES to empty my cupboards & climb into them
He had Roseola last week...
If you know me, you know how I am about rashes. This was torture for BOTH of us!
Then came some type of 24 hour stomach bug... yay again.
& the first real OUCHIE to his head :(
We've been going on a lot of bike rides recently... loves the ride, not so much the helmet
He still is in LOVE with his power wheel quad... we get a kick out of watching him drive it all over! He hasn't learned how to steer it yet, so he basically just drives straight until something stops him :)
So Roman has been quite the busy boy lately & it's been fun to watch him learn & grow! Some of the things he enjoys doing now aren't our favorite activities for him to choose to do, but we love watching his personality develop! He is SUCH a sweet boy- gives us hugs & kisses all the time & he obeys what we ask him to do... for the most part :).

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Unexpected 4 day weekend!!

Anthon's boss called this morning to let him know that they weren't going to have him do any jobs for the rest of the weekend due to the rain... YAY!! We're leaving for Show Low to go snowboarding right now, so obviously we'll be postponing our yard sale- sorry if any of you are heart broken ;).

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cleaning out our closets!

We're going to have a yard sale this Saturday the 23rd from 8AM-3PM. We have mostly clothes, some baby items/toys, & some household stuff (I'll have some crafts that I've made- magnet boards & hair bows) but mostly LOTS & LOTS of clothes! I think I downsized my closet by about 50%- & that's just the stuff that's too big/too small or I don't wear anymore (I'm a clothes hoarder, I admit it)! The sizes in women's range from 7-13 in pants (jeans, capri's, & shorts) & have all sizes in shirts, sweaters, dresses, skirts, & swim over-wear. Baby clothes are all boys, they range from new born to 18 months, & are $1 each. Men's clothes are pretty much Medium or Large in shirts & 34 or 36 in pants- LOTS of dress shirts/ Polo shirts. All of the clothes are in GREAT condition- no rips, tears, or stains, & priced to sell... SUPER CHEAP!! So if you're wanting to add more to your family's wardrobe, come help me downsize mine!

PS- If you need our address, just email me & I'll send it to you...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pack Rat, & proud of it!

We got this living room set for free- it was in the driveway of one of Anthon's customers with "free" sign attached to it so we snatched them up (a little embarrassing, yes). I listed it yesterday on Craigslist for $350 - a little leery that it may be overpriced. I got calls & emails on it ALL DAY & last night we sold it, delivered it, & collected $400 (she paid us to deliver it)! I was SO excited & a little in disbelief that it sold so quickly & for that much! So, here's to being a pack rat & making money off of other people's junk! :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Roman's 1st Birthday

Our darling Roman boy turned a year old on the 6th! I actually gave myself a deadline to have his baby book finished by his birthday... I didn't even start it til he was 11 months old, but I'm happy to report that I made my deadline & am very happy with how his book turned out! Anyway, I stayed up til 1am the night of the 5th cleaning/organizing the house & preparing for his party so that I could just spend his birthday enjoying him... & that I did!! We had a fun day together- despite his Dr. appt where he got 3 shots :(... (thankfully, it didn't make him grumpy). Roman's 12 month stats were 21.4 lbs - 50%, 31.75 in tall- 95%, Head- 90%. He lost a lb from his 9 month check up, but that's just because he's so dang active! He's still on the same curve since birth (tall & skinny with lots of brains) & healthy as a horse, which we are very grateful for! We had a REALLY fun party that night to celebrate him! Here are some pictures of the festivities:

Some of the "Party Goers"
Livvi, Roman, & Drew in the back round

Anthon, Gwen, & Michele

Drew & Sydney

Cake time:
I thought he would cry when we sang to him, but he just kind of looked at us & danced a little bit
Oh, & he took one bite of his cake & was done! The kid has never had cake before so I thought he'd go crazy for sure... not so much!

Thank you everybody who came & spoiled Roman- he LOVED all of his gifts & was so excited when he opened each one!
I honestly can not believe how fast this year has gone by, & at the same time can't remember what life was like without Roman in it. He is the biggest blessing in our lives & I can't wait for all the years to come that we get to spend with him!

Friday, January 1, 2010

We Started the New Year Off the Right way...

by taking advantage of the AZ weather & spending the afternoon hiking as a family!
I only carried Roman 1/2 way up because 1) He kept trying to pull out my hair ties & 2) Let's be honest, he's skinny but having 25 extra lbs on your back when walking up steep hills is a man's job!
So we swapped backpacks & had a water break
This is Bill. We met him on the trail. He was nice with the shortest, red-est, shorts & walked faster than any old man we'd ever seen!
Almost to the top
Enjoying the view from the top
The hike was just too much excitement for Roman I guess & he slept most of the way back down.
One of the things we resolved to do as a family this year is spend more time together doing "wholesome recreational activities"... Feel free to join us anytime! Happy New Year!