Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Few Favorites

Roman is 20 months & his little personality is just flourishing!! He's talking a ton lately and is such a funny, loving little guy! I just wanted to document a few of his favorite things...
This picture has 2 of his favorite things:
1) the lawn mower push tow...which is ironic because the closest thing we have to grass is asphalt! He just likes to push it I guess :)
2) the unsightly frog rain boots! As soon as he wakes up, they're on his feet & he doesn't want to wear any other shoes (unless I'm mean & hide them)

The Dr. Seuss dolls they sell at Kohl's... the kid is OBSESSED! Carries around the 3 that he has everywhere, all the time. His favorite is the one with the wild hot pink hair... go figure :) I'm kind of happy about this though cause he'll play with her hair while he's falling asleep instead of mine!

There are a few other "must haves" for Mr. Roman (juice, any type of dog, and his pillow),but these are his top 3. I LOVE this crazy little man!


MSorenson said...

I love how he kisses the pink haired thing and makes it give other people kisses! He is such a cutie, hope he's feeling better. We missed you guys tonight.

katilanae said...

Wow Ash he is getting so big I can't believe it! We need to get together! In November I am going part time so I will feel like I will have more time plus the weather is starting to get nice so it would be fun to meet up at a park or something! Anyways hope you guys are doing good, you sound like you're busy!