Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wheelin' & Dealin'

About a month or so ago, I WON this adorable stroller worth $150!!
Then, I saw the awesome car seat that matches it & knew I had to have it!!(but I wasn't about to pay the $180.00 price tag @ Babies'R'Us)
So, I began searching & found someone selling this car seat NEW with 2 bases for $100 (the extra base alone sells for $80!). Now, I needed to figure out how to pay for it (I couldn't justify spending the $$ on another car seat when I already had 2 that I'm wasn't using)
SO, I Sold These:My 2nd car seat that we never used for $50
The swing that Roman refused to sit in for $60- YAY!! I got my car with with 2 bases (which I'll save, so it's nice for the next baby) & had $ 10 left over!!

Then I decided I wanted a different high chair cause this one had a permanent bar across the thigh area & would scratch Roman's legs/ knees every time I'd put him in or take him out
I sold it for $75 & got this one for $80
& I still had $5 left over to enjoy a couple cranberry limeaides from Sonic :). I LOVE getting good deals, Don't you?!


Brian, Lish, Lily, & Ruston said...

Cute, how did you win your stroller?

*Katie May* said...

Sweet! I won a carseat cover but never received and never will the lady was a real BUTT!

Pace & Gwen said...

You are amazing with your deals Nash! I'm all excited about selling books on, and finding Disney movies for CHEAP there too!! I love the internet... :)

MSorenson said...

You rock! I need learn your skills. That high chair is cute! I can't believe you won a carseat AND a stroller. Hope we get to see you guys this weekend!

Kara said...

Poor kid that gets the highchair that scratches his legs...ever think that may be why Roman is so lean? Maybe you were conditioning him to have a bad attitude about mealtime.

Anonymous said...

We have the same carseat/travel system! I am a big fan of Chicco. Although sadly I am not as clever as you are and I paid full price. (well i might have used a 15% off coupon)

katilanae said...

Dang Ash I'm going to hire you as my bargain shopper, you always find such good deals, I'm so impressed! Looking for a job...I'll just let you know what Livvi needs every month! ha