Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Roman Dear, I love you so!

This is the song I sing to Roman every night. Ok, so the real words are "Mother Dear" but I changed them & I think they still work :):

"Roman Dear, I love you so! You're happy smiling face, is such a joy to look at! You make home a lovely place!"
"Roman Dear, I love you so! Your lovely shining eyes, are just like stars that twinkle way up in the bright blue sky!"
"Roman Dear, I love you so I'll try my whole life through, to please my Heavenly Father; I'm so glad He gave me you!!"
Roman was 8 months old on Sunday & is more & more fun everyday! Seriously, I couldn't love this kid more! He's accomplished some new things & had some changes like:
*Got 2 more teeth (for a total of 3 on the bottom)
*Got his 1st hair cut
*Learned to pull himself up to stand
*Learned to walk while you hold his hands
*Survived his 1st sickness- a virus in his intestines :(
*Only wants to eat what we're eating for dinner &
*REFUSES to let anyone feed him but himself
*Waves "Hi" & "Bye"
*Went on his 1st camping trip (I'll post about that next)
This little boy is the light of our life!! I'm so grateful we have the opportunity to be his parents. As each month passes & he grows I become more & more aware of how lucky I am to be his mother! He makes me laugh on a daily basis & melts my heart every night (He plays with my hair while I sing to him & rock him to sleep). We just love, love, love him!!


MSorenson said...

Super sweet post, Ash! He has the best smile. Sorry for the torture the boys and I inflicted on you yesterday. I owe you big time, especially since they both had blow out. So, so, so sorry! Tay saw the picture of Roman on top of your mom's piano and says, "Hey, that's baby Roman!"

*Katie May* said...

too cute! We had fun this weekend with you guys!

Pace & Gwen said...

DARLING POST!! Made me bawl almost, so sweet - you are in love with your child! There's no better mother than that!! Love you Nashleigh!

Corinne and Justin said...

Hey! we need to get together again so we can beat the boys at the wii! ha oh and i just LOVE your son!