Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pre-Halloween weekend... picture overload!!

Our ward had a Halloween party Friday night, so we all got dressed up & enjoyed the nice weather, yummy food, & good company! Roman wanted to dress up as Woody this year, so we decided to go with a Toy Story theme.

Naturally, Sterling had to be Woody's counterpart!

He LOVES the costumes- which makes it all the more fun!

Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head
I'm sad I didn't get a good picture of the 2 of us together, but I'll try again tomorrow! This costume is probably the hottest, most ridiculous, & unflattering costume I could have chosen for myself, but I love a good theme... & it was a hit, none-the-less!
I look really tired, don't I?
If you don't know why I'm so tired, you obviously didn't read my last post.
Anthon looked great in his costume... Hot, even!
Am I sick or what?!

I finished all my assignments Saturday afternoon once I got off work (& got A's on both my quizzes, I thank you!) so we decided to use a Groupon I bought for DeWitt Stables. It was SO much fun!! The weather was perfect, we went in the evening so most of the people were leaving, & they had so many fun things! They had a bouncy house, barrel train rides, petting zoo, hay maze, hay rides to the pumpkin patch, tons of little kid games, photo ops, &  Roman's favorite, by far... pony rides!
 & this is what pure joy looks like! This was his 1st time on a horse & I'm so glad Anthon captured it!!

He loved every minute of it!

His little guide was so sweet & let Roman use his hat for a "Wee-Haw!" 

The sunset was so pretty! ...even though Anthon's got the creeper vibe going on in this picture

The petting zoo was another big hit! They had all kinds of farm animals: rabbits, chickens, ducks, turkeys, a puppy, goats, sheep, & a pig.

Roman loved this chicken! Probably because it was the only one he could pick up & hols on his own :)

Here we are on the hay ride to the pumpkin patch

I LOVE how this picture turned out! The scarecrow, Roman's face with his pumpkin, Sterling's expression, the dust in the air... it's all great!!

After the stables, we hit up Bahama Bucks- another 1st for Roman. It was a success, as well!

It was a regular Sunday: church, naps, lots of family time, & a nice dinner... but with the 1st week of my new INSANE schedule down, I'm finding a new, greater appreciation for our sabbath- a day of rest! We had our Relief Society Extravaganza (use to be super Saturday) last weekend, & a lady taught a class on cutting boys hair... I LOVED it  and was anxious to put my new skills to use! What cha think??
Not that big of a difference, but it still makes him look older to me!
I love me a freshly, clean cut little boy!

I must have been in a fall colored kind of mood today cause we all ended up wearing some form of brown/orange

& this was the cherry on top of my fantastic weekend... watching my darling boys play with their adorable daddy!


katilanae said...

I always love your Halloween pics, what a fun mom you are to dress up! You have such a cute family I love looking at all your pics! I can't believe how much hair Sterling has...nice job on the cut! Hang in there with school, you can do it!!!!

Eunica said...

hi ashleigh! you blog just painted a smile on my face! i adoooore your boys! and oh i adoooore your blog!

followed you ;)

Aleia said...

love your guys costumes!