Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Best

 I love dressing my boys normally, but there's something about getting them dressed on Sunday that I especially enjoy! Maybe it's the crisp clean shirts, the ties (the only accessory I can use!), or just the fancier style, but I love them in their church clothes!


Isn't he handsome?!

Gotta show off my cute new dress too ;)
What a little stud, huh?!

PS-  Remember THIS post about Roman's song? Well, I still sing it to Roman & wanted a song I could personalize for Sterling. I sang the "Mother Dear" song with Sterling's name once, but Roman looked at me like I was betraying him, so I decided I should find Sterling his own song! It just so happened that one of my favorite baby songs, "Baby Mine" by Allison Krouse (or the old school version on Dumbo) fits perfectly! Anytime I sing it to him & the lyrics are suppose to say "Baby mine" I replace it with "Sterling boy" (which is a nickname we call him a lot). Anyway, maybe I'm weird but I like having special lullaby's for my boys!


katilanae said...

Ash...your boys are oh so adorable and so dang handsome! Love how you get them all decked out! Cute dress btw, you look great!!!

court said...

your boys are sooo cute! they are especially handsome in their sunday best!