Sunday, November 26, 2006


Anthon & I are singing in a Christmas concert on Dec. 12th at the Mesa Arts Center. It's going to be beautiful! There will be a full orchestra and all the songs are arranged by Rob Gardner (he's a local LDS composer). If you're interested in coming, you can buy tickets online at (I think they're about $10). We know you'd enjoy the music & would love to see you there!



I didnt know you guys were singers. What group do you sing with? I would love to come hear you, I'll let you know. Aleia

Rogers Bunch said...

I didn't know you guys sang either! I will see if we can still buy tickets. You guys are so cute together by the way!

Connie said...

OH MY GOSH! Anthon is being Culturaly Refined. Can you believe that King of the Mtn would sing in a concert with his wife that is way cool. Good job Ashleigh you are raising him right. HEE HEE