Tuesday, December 26, 2006


We went to Show Low this year & spent Christmas with Anthon's family. It was a great trip! I had the whole week off from work & of course, school is over (Hallelujah!), so I just got to relax and enjoy the family. We finally got to see Gerald and Allison's baby, Evan & he is such a cutie! I uploaded 2 good shots of him so you all can see how cute he is, too! We've been praying for the little tyke for a while and now we're getting to see his progress! Overall, I'd have to say that Christmas was a success... Anthon liked MOST of his gifts (he hates when I buy him clothes) and I finally got a wedding band - I only had to wait a year & 1/2 for it : )! Hope all your Christmas's were as wonderful as ours!


McDonald Family said...

Evan is adorable. I am so glad he is home and doing better. Heath also hates when I buy him clothes.:)

Josh n' Meagan said...

I'm glad you got your wedding band. Can't wait to see it!