Sunday, January 28, 2007

Never a dull moment!

Well, last night Anthon, my brother Peter, my nephew Justin & I were all sitting in the living room watching TV & around 12:30-1:00 AM we heard this loud crash right infront of our house. So we all jumped up to see what had happened & this mexican guy totally crashed into Justin's car & destoyed the passenger side! As soon as we get out side, the dude speeds off, so of course Anthon, Justin, & I jump into Anthon's truck to follow him. We found him parked, in a subdivision like maybe 2 miles away from our house (trying to open another beer).

Anthon pulled up so they were facing each other and told him we just saw him hit our car & take off. He was just like "Oh yeah." Anthon said "Yeah!" and started to get out of the truck, but the dude just said "So." & took off again. Holy crap! Anthon whipped his truck around so fast I thought Justin might fly out the back! So, we start following him again- & I don't mean like stalking following, I mean like highspeed chase! We were going 90mph down University & he was still a good 100 yards ahead of us!

Finally, after he tried to lose us about 3 different times, he started driving AGAINST traffic on Main St. just east of Power Rd. & came within inches of hitting this other car head on! So the idiot flips around & heads down another street, & we continue to follow. As we turned this last corner (again, going like 70/80 mph!) we see him slam on his breaks, jump the side walk, go through a guard rail & into the canal! Thankfully there wasn't any water in the canal.

But do you know what that loser did next??? He jumped out of the car & started running away! Anthon & Justin jumped out before the truck was even in park and went after him. They chased him for about 50 yards and then Anthon finally tackled him (which was the funniest thing I think I've ever seen by the way- like it was in slow motion). As you can expect, Anthon beat the living crap out of him, but not without the guy putting up a fight. He said the dude was really strong & kept trying to punch, bite, kick, grab crotches, anything to get away from them. Anthon said he choked him out & as soon as the guy woke up he was went WILD. He BIT Anthon's arm really bad (I know, who does that?!) & scratched up his neck, but I don't think he ever got a punch in. Thankfully Anthon was wearing a thick thermal shirt & the guys mouth wasn't in contact with his skin, otherwise it would've been a lot worse! Justin broke about 3 toes on one foot (he didn;t really think to go back in & put his shoes on when we saw the guy take off) & got some pretty good bruises on his legs.

Anyway, the police finally showed up like 10 minutes after the crash (I was on the phone with the 911 dispatcher through most of the chase, but couldn't give her a satisfying location for the police to find us until we stopped). They got statements from all of us & took the drunk to the hospital. I was scared that Anthon would get in trouble for the beat down he gave, but the police said that his actions were fine. They also said that it probably wasn't the best idea to follow the guy (& i agree, because you don't know what he could do- he could've had a gun or a knife or anything), but that if we hadn't, they probably would never have found the guy, & my nephew would be stuck with the whole mess (he only has liability insurance, so he would've been in a world of hurt) & the guy might have killed someone. He's being charged with a hit & run and an aggrivated DUI (his liscence was suspended), & a parking ticket : ).

We finally got to bed aroung 4:30 AM. I put a shot of the car & Anthon's bite mark so you can see a little bit of the action. Yep, never a dull moment in this family!



WOW!!!!! Of course leave it to the Perkins to have a moment like that. I bet adrenaline was rushing like crazy for all of you. So what did Peter do while all of you were gone. I bet he had wished he had gone with you to see all of that action. Well I am so grateful all of you are ok and that none of you got in trouble for that.

Ron Michael Family said...

I'm glad you guys are all OK. I believe that Anthon would go after him just like any of the Perkin boys or Michael boys. I remember Ronnie doing the same thing when someone tried to break in his car. That guy shot at him though, so you never know. You have to be careful.

Finch Family said...

I'm glad you got him before he caused any more damage.

Christopher 'n' Bailey said...

Thats always a good way to start off your Sunday! Haha!


Sounds just like a story we have about Ronnie except he was bare foot and in his garments....Aleia

McDonald Family said...

I am so glad no one was hurt. That bite mark looks painful!