Saturday, March 3, 2007

Daddy Dear

I found this picture on some random CD & it cracked me up! For those who never knew my dad, this sums him up in a nut shell! Give Anthon props for having the guts to ask this guy for his youngest daughter's hand in marriage!!! Just kidding... I think he liked Anthon more than his own kids on some days!
He looks really grumpy, but I still think it's cute :)!!


*Katie May* said...

I didn't really know your Dad but I remember when your parents first came to my ward. Your Dad did look a little scarey :) but when he opened his mouth in Sunday school he really had the spirit with him and knew what he was talking about. It is weird because I can still remember them before I knew they were your parents because he left such an impression that day. I don't remember what the lesson was about or what he was said but anyway I was just thinking about that and thought I would share.

Eileen said...

Ashleigh, Im glad your Dad said yes to Anthon. Anthon must have been on his good behavior. I remember when he came to the tough man competetion to support Anthon. I thought that was good. Love you. Eileen (Mom)

Shannon said...

Yeah, what was your Dad thinking when he let Anthon marry you. Just kidding, we love Anthon, even if he is a big pest sometimes. But at least we got you into our family. You are so good to him and so good for him. I think that is a cute picture of your Dad.