Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wedding Tag

1) Where did you meet your husband? Show Low High School

2) What was the first thing you said to your husband? We were at the Round Valley wrestling tournament & he was trying to figure out a line from the movie "Dude Where's My Car"- I was sitting in front of him & got irritated after listening to him for a while, so I turned around & said, "It's: 'Dude where's my car? I don't know dude, where's your car!' GOSH!"

3) Where was your fist date? I took him to MORP (November 17, 2001)

4) Where was your fist kiss? In the parking lot of Show Low high after wrestling practice

5) Did you have a long or short courtship/engagement? We dated on & off from Dec. 2001- May 06, 2005 & we were engaged from May 2005- June 2005

6) Where did you get engaged? At my sister Gwen's house (where I was living at the time). Then he took me to The Hyatt for dinner & to go on the gondola ride.

7) Where were you married? The Mesa Arizona Temple

8) How did your reception go? Seemed like FOREVER! We stood in line most of the time & got NOTHING to eat! But it was perfect! The decorations were exactly what I had imagined.

9) Where was your honeymoon? Our Honeymoon got pushed back because my father died right after our wedding, but we went to Hawaii for our one year anniversary to make up for the lack of a honeymoon & it was wonderful:)!

10) If you could change anything about your day what would it have been? I would have worn taller shoes so I don't look so dang short in all our pictures!


Josh n' Meagan said...

That "dude where's my care" conversation is so funny. That's awesome you remember it.

Sariah,Chief Editor said...

Fun stuff! I am still waiting to go to Hawaii. :)


I like your new background! Your reception was beautiful and special too, because you got to share it with your sis


Oh ya has Anthon recovered from the softball game? I think about it and I just bust up laughing. I had too much fun:)

Tyler, Kamry & Jaxxen said...

Hey guys! Just wanted to say hi and to see how your doin?

Ron Michael Family said...

I remember your special day. How's Anthon doing? (His head, ya know what I mean?)