Sunday, May 11, 2008

Like a grain on the beach...

Mothers can be compared to the tide of the ocean- both have a daily routine they follow to keep life in order. Both are powerful in their efforts & can influence the direction of children. And both of their daily efforts are often overlooked by the thought "That's just what they do"... Although both are a lot of FUN at times, Mother's are patient, kind, & understanding!! Mother's are the most selfless people in the world!! When I reflect on my upbringing (& listen to Anthon tell me about his) I'm amazed at the patience & love our mother's showed us- ESPECIALLY Eileen's patience!! SO today, think of these beautiful gifts our Father in Heaven has given us to bless our lives & thank Him for them!

I am SOO Thankful for my mothers & the examples they are to me!! Love you Mom!!


Pace & Gwen said...

Ashleigh, that is really sweet - has Mom seen it yet?