Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our Father's Day

Well, Anthon woke up this morning with some type of stomach bug, so I went to church & taught our sweet little demons by myself. Then after church, we went to my mom's for dinner (Since Papa Gerald was up in good 'ole Show Low). After dinner, We all went to the cemetery to clean up my dad's grave... it was hotter than :), but it was a good time! Here are some pictures:

Sydney checking out Grandpa's grave for the 1st time

Just us

Gwen & Syd

Peter & Mom

Syd was feeling a little under the weather too, so they were miserable together!

I hope all you Dad's out there felt loved & appreciated today for all the things you do for your families!!


Dean and Katrina said...

Ashliegh I have been catching up on your blog. That is so exciting that you are pregnant! I am happy for you. That is neat that you were able to go with you family on Father's Day and visit your dad's gravesite. I hope your mom is doing well, I have not seen her for so long. I saw Peter about a month ago, it was so good to see a Linden person!!! :)