Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Can I just tell you how much I love my job?? No, I don't believe I can. Want to know why? Because I would be LYING!! I DON'T love my job... In fact, I just about HATE my job! Let me explain why...

*Every day, 9 out of 10 customers come storming up to my desk demanding that I give back "their money that I took". You might ask yourself, "Is Ashleigh really taking money out of these poor peoples accounts???" The answer is- THEY ARE IDIOTS & don't know how to balance their account!

*Please help me regain my trust in the human race as a whole & reassure me that most of you understand this concept: If you use your debit card/write a check/ have an automatic withdrawal come out of your account & you don't have funds in your account to cover it THE DAY IT COMES OUT, you will be charged. (& yes the charges are very expensive)! If you're not familiar with this concept, you're probably one of the customers that pisses me off on a daily basis- please become familiar with it.

*So yes, this is what I deal with all day long- people mad at ME because I took their $$, when in reality if they just understood that fun little fact in bold mentioned above, life would be a lot easier for the both of us! Now, I can see you thinking to yourself "Wow! Ashleigh is really heartless- overdrafting your account is very frustrating & I don't want to pay the fees either." Guess what, I may not have sympathy, but I'm not heartless. I'm not talking of the sincere people who honestly made a mistake & caused the account to overdraw- I don't mind those people, I actually like helping them! But it's the one's that come in every other week wanting me to give back the $175 I took from them this week- I mean what was I thinking?? They NEEDED smokes ( & 2 trips to the Chinese buffet, & 3 trips to Wal-Mart)!!

* So, thank you for letting me vent about the joys of my trade!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Like a grain on the beach...

Mothers can be compared to the tide of the ocean- both have a daily routine they follow to keep life in order. Both are powerful in their efforts & can influence the direction of children. And both of their daily efforts are often overlooked by the thought "That's just what they do"... Although both are a lot of FUN at times, Mother's are patient, kind, & understanding!! Mother's are the most selfless people in the world!! When I reflect on my upbringing (& listen to Anthon tell me about his) I'm amazed at the patience & love our mother's showed us- ESPECIALLY Eileen's patience!! SO today, think of these beautiful gifts our Father in Heaven has given us to bless our lives & thank Him for them!

I am SOO Thankful for my mothers & the examples they are to me!! Love you Mom!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Sydney came over to visit me tonight (I've been sick all week) & she just made my night! I love the age she's at; learning new things & just the sincere innocence in her face! 2 things in particular tickled my fancy tonight:

1) She's learned to catch & hold Fiona like a pro! So she was chasing after her all night & once she'd catch her, she'd walk around with her saying "Ahh, Tat!!" & giving her kisses! Too Sweet!

2) We were watching "Enchanted" & during the scene at the ball when Giselle & Robert start to dance, she just busted out with the cutest little dance of her own! She was doing these little ballerina twirls & swaying her hands throughout the entire scene... SOOO DARLING!! It almost brought tears to mine & Gwen's eyes! I tried to get her to re-enact it for us so I could video it, but it's not nearly as long as the original... I could only get one twirl out of her- it's still cute though!! Each time I tried to video her, she would wait until they started to dance before she would dance ( & in this particular video, before she starts to dance she gets the chills & then pops her little hip out to the side- cracked me up)! It's pretty short, but I had to share! So, enjoy this clip of a little slice of Heaven that has enchanted me!