Monday, September 29, 2008


Lately I've been experiencing the UNCONTROLLABLE urge to clean everything in our home! I think I'm driving Anthon crazy with my constant pleas to go through all our junk & DONATE most of it! It's been really enjoyable for me though; I've felt like I've had very productive days : ). On top of the cleaning urges, I've been bitten by the decorating bug! My main project, as you can probably guess, has been the baby's room. Anthon has been very gracious in helping me with all of it... I COULDN'T have done it without him!! Although we're not 100% finished, here are some pictures of our progress:
This bedding was my inspiration for the colors we used in the room. The mobile isn't actually part of the original bedding set, but I think it goes good enough :).

We decided to put in a guest bed so visitors will have some place to sleep (getting excited Gwen??). A HUGE thanks goes to Michele for all your help with the vinyl... you're a life saver!

We obviously need to finish the wall above the crib- that's probably where we'll hang his name... IF WE CAN EVER AGREE ON ONE : )!

*In other exciting news, Anthon & I finally broke down & upgraded to a king size bed!! After 3 1/2 years of being married & being cramped in a queen, these last few months have been HORRIBLE for me- I just could NOT get comfortable, & in the rare occasions that I would, I would get woken up by snoring, just him moving, or a nice, swift elbow to the forehead. The most exciting part about it is how good of a deal we got!! I've had the bedding since last summer (tells you how long I've been BEGGING for a bigger bed) but the bed frame (which is SOLID wood) was only $100 & the mattress is a Serta dual top memory foam was only $150 BRAND NEW (thank you CraigsList!!). So in the 2 nights since we got it I've slept better than I have in the past 2 months!!

Don't worry, the wall isn't going to stay purple... that's my next project :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

YouTube video #2

As many of you already know (& have seen!) Anthon has a fetish with making up dances to songs that he likes, and his newest fad is to have me record these dances & post them on YouTube. This is only the 2nd time I've done it (cause it's too embarrassing to post A LOT of the dances he comes up with), but this one made me laugh! I love that he's such a goof & doesn't care what people think... it keeps me laughing!! I hope you all enjoy Anthon "Shakin' it" :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just A Random Update...

There's not a whole lot of new or exciting things going on with us, but I had a fun/interesting day so I figured "why not write about it?" My day started out by going to a Dr. appointment-She told me (AGAIN) to gain some weight, & I had to explain (AGAIN) that I'm NOT trying to not gain weight, if that makes any sense. I've gained a whopping 3 lbs in my 5 1/2 months of pregnancy, & apparently that's not good enough... I'll just have to eat more ice cream & see if that makes her happy :). She made me happy though because she helped me recognize my baby moving! She had me turn my phone onto vibrate & press it on my belly while she called it. As soon as it started ringing I could feel the little flutters- It was really neat!! Another fun trick she taught me is to put a medal spoon on my belly & then hit the spoon with another spoon; the "Clanking" noise makes him move around too :)!

My Dr. office is right by a Home Depot so after my appointment I stopped in & picked out the paint for our little guys room... I'm pretty excited about this project so I'll be sure to post pictures once it's complete!!

Last but not least, I learned about Nematodes (parasitic worms) in school today... GLAMOROUS, I know! I was pretty much grossed out the whole time I was learning how these nasty little creatures invade HUMAN bodies, reproduce, & spread! YUCK! & if that wasn't bad enough, I had to spend an hour & a half looking at them in lab... See how DISGUSTING?!?!Microbiology is SO NOT my field!! All I have to say is I will be washing my hands 10x more frequently than I already do & will NEVER walk bare foot out side again!!