Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My project for today

We were in desperate need of some new kitchen chairs (ours pretty much came apart whenever you pulled them out). So, we got 6 of these chairs for free (my favorite price). Were they attractive? No. Did they have potential? Yes! I found this fabric:
Which I LOVE, & here's what they look like now:
"Not a total Betty, but a vast improvement!"
I'm happy with them... for now. Maybe I'll get around to refinishing the wood one day, but what's really important is that we now have safe places to sit while we eat :)


bailey michael said...

you have patience. recovering chairs is a pain in my neck!! fun though

MSorenson said...

You are awesome! good job.

*Katie May* said...

Awesome job!

Tyler, Kamry, Jaxxen, Madexx and Nixxen said...

Those turned out so cute!

Pace & Gwen said...

Good work! Who the heck taught you to recover chairs?? I tell you there is no end to your handy/craftiness :) I'm constantly in awe of you!!