Sunday, February 7, 2010

Submission Wrestling Studs!

Anthon & 2 of his brother's, Jason & Gerald, did a wrestling submission tournament this weekend. It was a lot of fun to watch them all wrestle again!! Here are some shots of the studs in action:
I was recording Anthon's so I asked one of his friends to take pictures... This is all I got :(. I'll have to make stills from the video!

Jason, right before the guy tapped!

I got 2 really good shots of Gerald's submissions, so I'll post them both. Here's the arm bar

& rear naked choke
It was super HOT & sweaty in the gym where thy did it, but I still had a good time! Poor Roman was just DYING to crawl around on the mats...We didn't let him- by the time it was over & he'd be able to go on them without getting squashed, they were sufficiently covered in the sweat of every guy there! Maybe in a year or two Anthon can take him to roll around on a mat :)


Pace & Gwen said...

That is cool!! How great that you love the sport too :) Poor husbands whose wives despise their favorite sports... not quite Pace's situation but pretty darn close to it, ha! Thank you again for the V-Day package!!!!! We LOVED IT!!! Just put Cinderella's puzzle together - Sydney had a ball with and that sharing her chocolate. Can't wait to see you in May!!

Eileen said...

I would have like to see the wrestling. I like the singlets-not bare chests and feet! Didn't know Gerald was wrestling also.