Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Celebrating 70 Years

I threw a surprise birthday party for my mother on April 10th... It was SO fun & she was REALLY surprised! Thank you all SO much who helped me in any way to pull this off- it wouldn'thave been a success without you! This post is pretty late & I haven't had time to edit all the pictures, but I'm going to post them anyway cause I know people want to see them.

Before Mom Arrived

"Grand Entrance"
We had everyone clap instead of screaming... very appropriate, I thought.
(I'm so sad these turned out blurry, but whatever. You get the idea... she was surprised!)

Greeting her friends/family. See the guy on the far right w/ the cell phone? That's my older brother Jeff- he lives in Utah. Mom didn't know he (or my sister Andrea) were coming down.
After seeing Jeff

Some of the Party Goers

The "Roast"

Mom's sister Clara & brother Tom both talked about memories growing up with Mom. Then Peter, Andrea, Jeff, & I all shared some memories of Mom.

Time to Sing Happy birthday

It was SUCH a fun night! I have a lot more pictures that I didn't post, but I'm sure you'll see them all one day :D


Pace & Gwen said...

Holy cow Ash that looked so good!!! So SAD I missed it, but looking forward to seeing the video - especially the part about the "roast"!! Everything looked so GOOD!! WONDERFUL WORK sister!

*Katie May* said...

How awesome! And fun for your mom. Love the color scheme and the cake!

MSorenson said...

You did such a great job on the party! So glad we got to be there and share in the fun. We love your mom!

katilanae said...

Looks like you did such an amazing job, I'm sure that meant so much to your mom!