Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Long weekend in Rocky Point

We had a BLAST in Rocky Point! We were there from Saturday til today & loved every second of it! I was afraid it was going to be unbearably hot & humid, but the weather & water were both perfect! We spent most of our time on the beach & I'm happy to report that we didn't get sun burned (probably the 1st time in my life I haven't)!!!

We normally eat at the Light House, but for whatever reason they were closed on the night we were going out to dinner, so we went to the restaurant next door. It was good, but the view was amazing & that was the best!
My brother, Peter, his fiance, Kelly & her 2 girls, Ellie & Avery came along with my cousins Dave & Michele & their 2 boys, Taylor & Christian. Here's Roman, Avery, & Christian. The little cousins all had SO much fun together!
I have a ton more pictures, but like always, Blogger photo loader is being stupid so this is all I can post on here :(.


Corinne and Justin said...

Looks like you guys had alot of fun! You are such a cute little family :) I really want to go to mexico, these pictures are making me jealous! ha