Friday, June 17, 2011

One of the busiest weeks of the year

This week of June is always busy & a lot of fun... Why? Because we get to celebrate Anthon's birthday, our wedding anniversary, & Father's Day all within one week!

Anthon's birthday was Tues, the 14th. He & Roman came back from Rocky Point that afternoon & so we had my family (since Anthon's family were all still in Mexico) over for pizza, cake, & ice cream
The party was a lot of fun! Roman's been getting into Spiderman lately, so here my brother Peter is helping him be Spiderman by walking on the ceiling :) Another exciting thing we got to do this week was take little Sterling to a urologist. He was born with a condition called hypospadias- basically his little urethra formed in the wrong spot. He has a pretty mild case of it, so he can pee fine and everything now but potty training will be a challenge if it doesn't get fixed. 1 in 300 baby boys are born with some form of the condition, so it's fairly common, surprisingly. We just have to wait for him to get a little bigger before they can do the surgery (they'll do it somewhere around 6 months to a year). It was nice to meet/ talk with the Dr. who will do the surgery- I'm confident he'll take good care of our baby.
BTW, I think Target diapers are the cutest!

Yesterday, we went to the Sea Life Aquarium at Arizona Mills Mall. My sister Gwen, brother Peter, & their kids all met us there & we all had a really good time!

They have all kinds of animals & really cool exhibits! They have touch tanks with star fish, hermit crabs, & other nice animals you can "pet". Then they have tanks with the big, really cool animals.

These crabs were probably my favorite- so gross, but really cool!

Here you can see how big they are in comparison... Like as big as Roman's head! Can you imagine running into one of those in the ocean?! SICK!

A lot of the tanks had these fun interactive window/ bubble things you could go into & it was like you were inside the tank with the fish... very cool for the kids!

Today is mine & Anthon's 6th wedding anniversary!! Where has the time gone??

To celebrate, we're gonna go out to dinner- maybe a movie or some shopping too. I don't know, we haven't planned it all out yet, but I'm just excitd to leave the kids at home & go out on a date with him!! Being married has been the most challenging, rewarding, exciting, frustrating, wonderful decision for me! Anthon is the best partner/ friend I could ask for... actually, he's better than anything I could've asked for! I'm so grateful for the opportunity we had to be seald- Being married 60 years wouldn't be enough for me!!!


katilanae said...

Look how cute you two are, congrats on your anniversary! Sterling is getting so big, gosh he has such great color too! I need to come see you guys or actaully lets do a swim day!!! I'll text you! Btw slow down bc your making me look bad, I dont' get much done these days!

MSorenson said...

That cake is huge, looks super yummy! Glad you guys are having a fun week. Enjoy your night out tonight!

Aleia said...

Happy anniversary!