Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nothing's new... but here's a lot of pictures

Like the title says, nothing is really new, but I thought I'd share some pictures of what "nothing new" looks like

Mr. Sterling has been growing like a weed! He really likes to sit up now, but can't do it unassisted, so he has a couple of chairs to choose from: The bouncy seat (which you can see from above, is pretty mesmerizing) or the Bumpo (which you can see below, he feels pretty spiffy sitting in).

He's been laughing up a storm too. Clapping his hands together & tickleing the little chub under his chin bring about the most chuckles :)
Onto this boy, Mr. Roman. He is becoming a terror. I guess it's to be expected- he is 2 & 1/2... and a boy. None-the-less, we do have a tender moment or two with him between the insane stunts he pulls almost constanly!
Like I've said before I'm sure, the bath is my favorite place to photograph him. He's stationary, clean, and there isn't a whole lot to distract him. I love his smile! Reminds me of how sweet he use to be, and gives me hope that he will be that sweet again :) BTW, anyone know how long the "terrible" ages last??He looks like he's on a mission in this picture & I love it! Of course, right after I snappd it, he pointed the squirt gun at me & shot my camera right in the lens. Awesome.

Onto Anthon! Poor man has been working out in this horrific heat all summer & has survived, so give him huge props for that! I honestly don't know how he does it... I barely survive walking to my car when it's 115ยบ+! The only really new thing is he started school this week, but before we kissed him goodbye for the next 6 months, we went to the Aquarium together & had a blast!

Here they are in a couple tank bubbles... so fun to see the fish from an internal persective :)

As for me, nothing's new. Surprise. Work isn't completely horrible, Anthon's doing everything he can to better out lives & still loves me :), Sterling is as sweet as they come, & at the end of the day that's full of tantrums, drawing all over the house (& everything in it), climbing up & falling off of things, and all the other craziness that Roman does I'm still eternally thankful I get to be him mommy... So life is good.This was the view from our kitchen window the other night... I thought I'd share it
2 Nephi 31:20
"Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men..."


*Katie May* said...

Well Gaige is eight and still as crazy as ever so good luck! Boys are just crazy!!

bailey michael said...

terrible stage ending? when you know, let me know! it's still so fun. i need to see that babe of yours!

Lindsay said...

Oh Ashleigh, I can relate. Those little boys are so difficult sometimes. I think Logan and Roman would be best friends. Hang in there!!!

katilanae said...

Love Sterlings cute little expressions espcially in the bumbo! Oh and that "stage" your talking about, wow I hear ya! Just think it's going to last for years but just a different kid, lol! But the end of the day it's sooo worth it...most days! And way to go Anthon, don't you feel lucky to have such a hard working husband, I think about that all the time I feel blessed!