Monday, January 9, 2012

8 Month Mark

 The 6th was a milestone day for Sterling, as well. He turned 8 months! It's crazy how fast he is growing up! Sterling is such a darling little boy- so easy going & sweet to have around! He's so content all the time, it's so easy to take care of him! He still has no interest in crawling (which I'm totally ok with ;)... stay stationary as long as you'd like to!), but he loves to pull himself up & stand. He's even taken a few steps along our ottoman. He's still pretty small- can wear most 6 month clothes still- but he eats really well. He's started to become picky about his food, & he only wants to eat what we're eating.
 Since the weather has been SO perfect, we've been going to the park quite a bit. As you can see from the 1st picture, he really loves to swing! I thought this picture of him on the sea horse was too cute- very GQ, wouldn't you say? ;)
 This was the night we were decorating Roman's room for his birthday. We turned around & this little stink was spying on us! This was the1st time we saw him pull himself up& stand in bed.

Sterling's little personality is hilarious! He is so lovable, but at the same time looks at people like he's so judgemental... how is that possible?! He laughs a lot & it's the best when he starts to laugh because one of us is laughing, especially Roman. They get in these laughing fits where they just egg each other on! I love the noises he makes too! He's started doing this popping with his mouth & he gets this super proud look on his face whenever he does it.  He seems wiser than his ripe old age of 8 months, too. That sounds retarded, but I'm being totally sincere. I've know from the day he was born that there was something extra special about him, & he just seems like he has a very mature spirit. I love this little man more than I can express & am so thankful I get to learn from him :)


*Katie May* said...

Such a cutie! Maybe he'll skip crawling all together if he's already starting to cruise the couch. And I know what you mean about him being wise for his age. We have felt the same with Landon. Since he was born he has always had thhese 'all knowing' eyes, multiple people commented on them when they would look and hold him. We are so lucky to get such sweet awesome spirits into our homes!

bailey michael said...

so cute ashleigh. he doesn't look like roman to me at all. and anthon looks skinny in that picture!