Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seriously, Roman?!?!

 We have had several "SERIOUSLY?!?!" moments with Roman this past month. It's like, as soon as he turned 3 a switch flicked & things have just been crazy! For starters, I'll tell you about the incidents that caused him bodily harm...
1st, somehow he managed to fall out of bed and cut open the back of his head, & his lip. Seriously, how does that happen?? Nothing quite like waking up to a screaming, bleeding toddler :( Poor kid!
This was taken a couple days after it happened
2nd, he hung himself from the blinds... Seriously. This experience literally almost gave me a heart attack, & has forever scarred me! I was in the room with him & it happened in a split second! One second he's opening the blinds, I look away for that split second, & then I hear him slip & start to choke!! Sooo traumatic, for us both!!
Thankfully, I got him untangled FAST & he wasn't seriously injured, but boy did it scare the crap out of me!!
Onto some happier, silly things...
No explanation needed...
 but seriously?!
He is turning into a couch potato! I swear, the boy would watch TV all day if we would allow it. He does get to watch a show in the morning while I'm exercising, & the funny thing is, he lines up all his monster trucks so they can watch the show too.
Seriously, it's pretty cute.
Last, but not least, heart warming things..
Roman is seriously soo cute with Sterling!! They really do LOVE each other & it just melts my heart to see them interact together!
This was taken after I gave them both hair cuts :)
Roman is my buddy, & I love him!! We have a lot of good times together ... when he's not trying to kill himself or throwing a fit because I turned off the TV ;)
It's true what they say... There's never a dull moment when raising a little boy!!
But seriously, who would want it any other way?!?!


*Katie May* said...

How scary!! So glad you were in the room with him! Ya boys are crazy! Mine envolve losing teeth at the age of two!

katilanae said...

How is he still alive, seriously!!!! That cute Roman keeps you on ur toes, I don't think I'm ready for this crazy boy stuff! I'm so glad u were in the room when it happened...scary!!!

me and you plus two said...

I love your blog! He is SERIOUSLY a cutie though!