Wednesday, September 19, 2012

When did they grow up?!?

 I was organizing pictures on our computer tonight & came across a folder that was nothing but pictures from my old cell phone. It was SO fun to go back through & see pictures I hadn't seen in a long time. I almost don't even remember when my boys were this small- made me think back & wonder HOW they grew up so quickly!
Here they are as newborns in the hospital:
I love how you can see them now even when they were fresh out of the oven!
 "Before you were concieved, I wanted you! Before you were born, I loved you! Before you were here an hour, I would give my life for you!"
First days home:
 LOVE that I got a similar shot of each of them!! 
 Just starting to smile:
I ADORE these little guys! Man, have they brought a lot of joy into my life!! What a treat it was to be able to take a stroll down memory lane tonight!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Labor Day Camp out

A few weekends ago we went camping with Anthon's family up at Green's Peak. It was a great trip- 1st camping tip EVER that I wasn't miserable the entire time- just for one night ;)! It didn't rain on us and the weather was perfect. Roman loved riding quads so much when we went to Mexico, we decided we would see if we could find one his size, that way he would have his own for this trip. I received an unexpected check from Chase about a week before we left & we found an AWESOME deal on a little 50cc (even better, it has a throttle limiter & a key fob kill switch, so we can control how fast he goes & shut it down if he gets too crazy/ goes too far). Roman LOVES it, to say the least!!
He rode it every chance he got, which was 99% of the time! He was in heaven!
Sterling thought he was pretty cool when he got to sit on one!
He was happy just to be outside- eating sticks, throwing dirt, etc.
Anthon's brother, Gerald, brought his horse up. The boys weren't sure if they liked riding it... I guess thy prefer riding the machines!
  Hanging around the campfire is always one of my favorite parts of camping!
I LOVED that Roman wanted to snuggle with me by the fire!
 Night time sucked. It usually does when camping- that's why I don't like camping! Give me all the time outdoors, riding quads, etc. but at night I want to A) shower, B) sleep in a bed that is comfortable/ won't deflate, & C) be warm. The 1st night we FROZE! We ended up cramming all 4 of us onto a queen size air mattress, which proceeded to deflate, so we were in a V position & still freezing. Roman & Sterling were fine & must have been warm because they slept like hibernating bears. Anthon & me... not a wink.
The 2nd day was Sunday & we didn't do much of anything. We have a firm, no riding policy on Sunday's so we went on a nature walk, played a game or 2, & just enjoyed time with family. My mom, brother & his family came up that afternoon to hang out & have dinner with us, which was a lot of fun. But I'm lame & didn't get any pictures! The 2nd night was MUCH better because we got to use power from someones generator to run our little space heater. But, once I was warm I realized how horribly uncomfortable our bed was. Once again, didn't sleep. BUT at least I was warm!
The 3rd day, & last day, we spent a good majority of the day cleaning up & taking down camp. But we did ride for a little bit too!

 Roman wants to be just like his daddy!

 I LOVE his helmet head/ hair!

 Sterling crashed during the clean up, & stayed asleep until after we left.
I'm bummed I didn't get a shot with all 4 of us, but oh well. We also didn't get to go see our tree this year- why? I have no idea! It's not like we had a lot of things compromising our time, we just didn't get the chance to get over to it. Oh well, there's always next year :)