Thursday, March 22, 2007

Love Thursday

He is HOT!!

He's a goofball!

He thinks he's tough ;)!

Ok, so Thursday is almost over, but I still wanted to post my 1st ever "Love Thursday" themed blog... Anthon Ray!! He is such a goober, but ya gotta love him! He reminds me to laugh at life (even at the hard stuff) & not take myself too seriously! Yes, I do LOVE him more than ANYTHING (& I listed some fun reasons under his pictures for those of you who wonder "WHY?!")!!!



Do all our husbands pose the same way?

Shannon said...

Yea we wonder why, but we also know why. Even after all of Anthon's gooberness, we still love him.

Ron Michael Family said...

He is fun to be around. I can always see the love you two have for each other. You are both so lucky!!!

Chief Editor said...

He has always been a cutie! Personality and looks!!

Connie said...

Pretty Hot guy.