Thursday, March 13, 2008

¡¡Spring is Here!!

Anthon & I both had the afternoon off yesterday so we decided to go for a little hike out here by our house... It was SO nice!! The desert is so pretty this time of year & we just really enjoyed getting outside & seeing nature! We were really smart & left our camera at home, so here are some ok shots I got with my cell phone:

Anthon & Gunnar on the trail
Gunnar Boy
Just us


Brian, Lish & Lily said...

Happy Birthday!!! I'm glad you are feeling better and are out doing fun things.

Rogers' Dogs said...

Looks like such a nice day! Glad you had a fun hike. Your dog is so big since I last saw him.

Sariah,Chief Editor said...

Dang girl you are expensive! I can't believe how expensive they are! Anyway I am glad we have doctors though:) I heard the Desert was beautiful this year! We are starting to warm up aroun here though it snowed today :( Spring is around the corner!

Connie said...

You might as well enjoy the weather before it gets too hot.