Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 2- Disney Land

The happiest place on earth :)

Anthon & Mom on Thunder Mountain roller coaster. She has to be the coolest 69 year old lady I know!! Again, we got to cut to the front of the lines...

But for the rides she didn't want to go on (like Splash Mountain), we finally got smart & "borrowed" her wheel chair so we wouldn't have to wait in the 90 minute line!! I've got a pretty convincing gimp :).

I LOVED the Winnie the Pooh ride! So many fun colors!

All of us on Pirates

It's a Small World was pretty sweet, too

& before we knew it, day 2 was over! (sniff, sniff)


Pace & Gwen said...

Your baby is so dog gone CUTE!!! I love him!!! Sweet Roman, in that hat!! DARLING! And your gimp must've been pretty amazing... :) Your crack me up!!