Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 3- Newport Beach

A crazy thing happened while we were trying to find a place to park. A little girl (like 10 or 11 years old) ran out of the ally & straight into our fender on the drivers' side. I thought Anthon had run her over!! When we got out to check on her, she was apologizing like crazy! It was sad- she had tire marks from her knee down to her shoe & I'm pretty sure she broke her ankle. I just knew we were going to be sued, but thankfully her dad saw the whole thing & knew it wasn't our fault. He just came over, picked her up, & took her home. SCARY huh??

Hanging out with Grandma

Roman LOVED the sand!! There was sand in his poop for a day after!!

The water was kind of cold, so he wasn't as big of a fan!


Pace & Gwen said...

Dude those are some fun pictures!! I love how smiley Roman is, so sweet!! Like I told Pace, he's a sweet version of Anthon :) HA!