Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Merry Christmas!!

We had a white Christmas in Show Low this year & it was SO much fun! On Christmas eve day we went tubing up at old Sunrise- it was FREEZING cold & I think Roman thought he was going to die! Poor baby has never experienced cold like that before, even though he was layered to high heaven! We still had a good time :)
Christmas eve night was spent the traditional way with dinner & a visit from Santa (AKA Uncle Cecil)! Here are all the grandkids that aren't terrified of Mr. Clause.
He gave all the kids an orange, & Roman was more than happy to take part in that activity (as long as Dad held him)
After dinner, we opened up our PJ's & got ready for bed.
Christmas morning came at a decent hour, surprisingly enough (I think we got up around 9AM). Roman was most excited about the Gerber Graduate snacks in his stocking... Go figure.
This is me realizing Anthon got me UGG boots!
This is me realizing they are 4 sizes too small :( ... The bitter disappointment of having to wait to wear them was almost unbearable!
Anthon & his Wii games (He got "Need For Speed: Nitro" also). I was excited to get them, but now I've realized how BAD I am at Mario Cart & I'm not that excited anymore! Anthon enjoys them & that's what really matters I guess :)
It's my tradition to give new church ties for Christmas, so here we are sporting our Christmas attire (even though it was the Sunday after Christmas). I LOVE Roman in his suit, Don't you? I was amazed it still fit- the last time he wore it was for Father's Day.
We hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas, enjoyed the time spent with your family, & remembered to reflect on the birth of our Savior!


*Katie May* said...

Sounds like good times! Bummer on the shoes! That's what happens when a man shops for a woman :) Good job though buying what his woman wants :)

MSorenson said...

Looks like a fun Christmas and you guys look so cute in your church clothes! Love the matching tie idea!

court said...

looks like you guys had a great Christmas! i love roman all bundled up!

Corinne and Justin said...

You guys have such a cute family! im glad you had a good christmas!

katilanae said...

So what ever happened with your Uggs? Roman looks so cute all bundled up in his snow gear! I love that you guys do the PJ thing too, I think it makes for such a cute picture! Roman looks so grown up and handsome in his suit!